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  • Where The Leverage Is In The OIL Market

    Original Thinkers–that’s whom you want to read.  Here in Part 2 of Tocqueville Asset Management’s Rob Mullin’s article, he outlines why small-cap oil stocks could play catch up very quickly now. by Robert Mullin, Tocqueville Asset Management Despite extreme pessimism regarding the production cuts of a year ago, both OPEC and non-OPEC...
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  • You Won’t Believe How Cheap Commodities Are–Even After The Latest Run

    When I find Original Thinkers in the Markets, I read everything they write.  Philip Treick and Rob Mullin of Tocqueville Asset Management are two such Original Thinkers.  Like me, they have a tight mandate in the resource sector, but I’m always intrigued at their stock picks and market views. In...
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  • The Lithium Industry Is About To Get SMACKED–And This Is The Only Way to Play It

    They are the industry killers. When Dr. Andy Robinson and Robert Mintak set out to build a lithium producer together, they wanted a world-scale project, and they wanted it fast.  That meant no chemical risk, no permit risk, they wanted to be in production ASAP to take advantage of the...
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  • There Is One Chance To Secure Enough Lithium Supply – That Window Is Open Now

    END USERS RUSHING TO LOCK UP LITHIUM SUPPLIES SUPPLY CHAIN BUYING DOWNMARKET INTO JUNIOR LITHIUM PRODUCERS Industrial end-users of lithium are nervous about securing lithium supply–at any price–and they are buying into and buying out junior lithium companies.  Demand is ramping and new production is coming on very slowly. Most recently,...
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  • The US Consumed A LOT More Oil in Q4 Than You Thought

    Investors are nervous about US oil supply…yet I see one of the most bullish charts in this area. The charts below show the number of days of crude oil supply that the US has in storage.  This tells us how long it would take–at the current rate of consumption–to use...
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