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  • Never Have So Many Owed So .Little To So Few

    I don’t think I’ve read a more unbelievable statistic. Can Bloomberg really only use FOUR people to generate one of the most watched oil estimates in the world—a number that moves billions of dollars each week? A report from Canadian brokerage firm RBC Dominion two weeks ago suggests that that...
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  • This Newest Part of the US Oil Market is Messing With Analysts

    The EIA’s Weekly Crude Oil Inventory Data A New Source (and era) of Volatility Rightly or wrongly, the EIA’s crude oil inventory reports move global markets:  Right before the EIA #s came out three Wednesdays ago, WTI crude oil was trading slightly higher—then plunged $1.61/barrel in just two minutes after...
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  • How to Create the Largest Ethical Cobalt Explorer in the World

    The Largest “Ethical” Cobalt Explorer in the World is Created The #1 cobalt explorer in the world is being formed now with a proposal for a 3 way merger that would unite one of the leading cobalt camps outside the Congo. This is what institutional buyers have been waiting for...
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  • Lithium Prices To Stay High To 2024–UBS

    LITHIUM PRICES TO STAY HIGH THRU 2024–UBS 85 page report suggests industry will remain highly profitable Lithium prices will remain well above historical levels thru 2024, UBS Securities said on Thursday June 15, as electric car batteries reach cost parity with ICE—Internal Combustion Engines—in mid 2018.  They suggest that will...
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  • Is Kinder Morgan Canada Now a Sucker’s Bet?

    Kinder Morgan Canada – Is This Now A Sucker’s Bet? If the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion from Alberta down through B.C to Vancouver goes ahead as planned, then Kinder Morgan Canada (KML-TSX) will probably be a decent investment at current prices.  I run through some math with “one-foot-planted-firmly-in-the-air” below and...
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