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  • This Is The Only US Shale Play Doing What Its Supposed To

    Oil bulls are hoping every shale play in the US pulls–”An Eagle Ford” But it hasn’t worked out that way–so far, the Eagle Ford is unique.  What I mean by that is..it’s the only Big Shale Formation in the US where oil production really is collapsing like The Market expected....
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  • Investors Have Been Waiting Almost a Century to Drill This

    Every once in a while there comes an investment that has the right conditions to take off like a rocket. There are deals that come once a year – like the fire sale in oil related mid-tiers in January.   And then there is the once in a decade portfolio...
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  • 4 Days In Dubai

    Dubai started to interest me in 2012 when I was in Kurdistan, which is just off the top of the map below, above the word Baghdad.  I was on a property visit—travelling half way around the world to see a pipe coming out of the ground—and all the brokers and...
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  • Will This Factor Turn the Tide for Natgas Prices?

    Is This “Biggest Factor” Silently Charging Up The U.S. Natural Gas Market? Mexican natural gas imports from the US will keep increasing through 2016 and 2017, to the point where Mexican demand could be 9% of US production with two years, up from the current 3.5%. The chart below shows...
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  • How Much Spare Capacity do Saudis Have? I ask Robin Mills

    OGIB INTERVIEW WITH ROBIN MILLS IN DUBAI Robin Mills is author of “The Myth of the Oil Crisis” and is CEO of Qamar Energy, a consultancy that advises clients on strategic, commercial and business opportunities in Middle East oil and gas.  I interviewed Mills–a Briton who has lived in Dubai...
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