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  • This Trade is So Simple Your Grandma Would Get It

    The Obvious Trade That The Entire Market Has Missed It is as plain as the nose on your face but it has been missed by virtually everyone, especially the analyst community. Yesterday (Monday) was the first time I saw an energy analyst on TV talking about this issue. There is...
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  • Sell Your Oil Stocks. Here’s What I’m Buying. And Here’s Why.

    Rig productivity increases dramatically as the rig count in an area decreases—data from the EIA show productivity increases as much as 50%! It means US oil production will not follow anywhere close to the same trajectory the rig count has (i.e. falling off a cliff), and it also means the...
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  • My Biggest Position of 2015

    Dear OGIB subscriber, I don’t often write my readers with this level of urgency. But recently I came across a situation so profitable and so pressing… I did 2 things right away. 1. I put $400,000 of my own money on the line in this single investment idea. 2. I...
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  • I’ve Never Seen A Market Like This

    I’m going to run through a few seemingly unrelated facts here fairly quickly, but the message is: the North American energy market is so opaque right now—because fundamentals are changing so fast—that my #1 2015 credo—SMALL POSITIONS—still holds true.  And be prepared to change your mind in a hurry. This...
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  • These Companies Have the Fattest Profit Margins in the Energy Sector

    Everyone thinks energy stocks are doing really poorly.  But look at the charts of these energy companies—they’re at 52 week highs: They’re kind of similar aren’t they?  That’s because they belong to the same energy sub-sector. There are three main sub-sectors in energy: Upstream – the oil and gas producers...
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