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  • The Two Best Money Making Days in the Calendar Are…

    THE BIGGEST MONEY-MAKING DAYS OF THE YEAR BACK TO BACK OCTOBER 3-4 Institutional investors have the ear of management.  They get to meet management regularly, and get more color on developing events at companies.  It’s not inside information, but body language and details go a long way to deciding how...
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  • It’s Happening Now—And These Two Stocks Are Always First

    There are two very important energy stocks for investors to watch.  In Canada, it’s the large integrated oil producer Suncor—symbol SU on both the TSX and NYSE.  In the United States, it’s the large independent refinery company Valero—VLO-NYSE. I think they’re important because I see the as them as energy...
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  • In One Sense, This Company’s Huge Success Makes NO Sense

    In one sense, this makes NO sense:  Aveda Transport and Energy Services (AVE-TSX) hit record revenue (US$52 million) and record positive cash flow (just over $5 million) this last quarter, Q2 17. I mean, all this company does is move drill rigs; nothing else.  And there are just HALF the...
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  • Harvey causes gas prices in Canada to soar

    The intense tropical storm that’s disrupted a number of major oil refineries in Texas is unlikely to drive up gas prices in B.C., according to experts. Harvey, which peaked as a Category 4 hurricane over the weekend, struck the state’s refinery district, forcing companies including Exxon Mobil and Valero Energy...
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  • This is Where The Leverage Is in Energy This Fall

    Investors will find the most leverage in the energy market this autumn in…energy metals.  Lithium, cobalt, vanadium were all niche metals for decades until cell phones and laptops hit critical mass, but now the demand is going vertical with large scale energy storage and Electric Vehicles (EVs).  Mainstream metals nickel...
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