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  • Oil’s African Problem

    INTRO: I’m off to Africa for almost a month—to celebrate my new “empty-nest” status.  It set off a story idea for me—one that has largely gone under the radar, and is very bullish for oil prices. U.S. shale production represents roughly 7% of global oil production. On a daily basis...
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  • The Best Stock Charts of 2018 Are Here – In One Room

    OGIB subscribers have had some great wins this year with GeoPark (GPRK-NYSE) and Viper Energy (VNOM-NASD), but my colleague Paul Andreola has had a series of 10-baggers over the last couple years at our sister publication, SmallCap Discoveries. On Thursday October 18, my colleagues Paul Andreola and Brandon Mackie are...
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  • Is It Time To Party Like It Is 1999?

    The energy sector hasn’t represented this small of a percentage of the S&P 500 since the peak of the technology stock bubble in 1999. No coincidentally–that was one really, really great time to be buying oil stocks. I pulled the table below from the S&P data archives.  It tells us...
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  • Global Oil Consumers Need These US Children To Behave

    It just happened to me–the last of my three kids is out the door and on their own in the world. This brings mixed emotions for me to be sure. You spend the first twenty years of their lives trying to get them prepared for this day…..now you pray that...
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  • Shipping’s Dirty Secret Part II–The (Probable) Winners and Losers

    New global shipping fuel rules promise to upset the world’s crude slate for a couple years—causing havoc for investors and producers.  In Part I, I explained how much pollution the shipping industry creates, and how shipowners are adapting.  In Part II here, I explain what macro concerns there are for...
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New video: Shh… progress on Canadian LNG

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