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  • The Best Growth Story EVER in Junior Oil

    What is The Best Growth Story Ever–in the history of junior energy?  That’s easy…it was Pacific Rubiales, symbol PRE-TSX during its heyday from 2009-2012. Pacific Rubiales grew from 9000 bopd to 300,000 bopd from its Colombian heavy oil operations in just a few years.  It was an incredible run, and...
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  • Why Int’l Energy Stocks Will Out-Perform US and Canada

    There are few countries with amazing geology as Colombia.  I think that’s why I’ve had some of my best stock market wins there. My very first investment in the Oil and Gas Investments Bulletin in July 2009 was Pacific Rubiales, symbol PRE-TSX at the time–a heavy oil play in Colombia. ...
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  • The Biggest Story in Energy in the Last 2 Years Is

    Lithium is probably the most newsworthy metal in decades. Formerly a small niche item for batteries and mainly used in ceramics and glass, it has become mainstream—in a huge global way—with first the rapid rise in personal electronics, and now energy storage for upstream renewable power and downstream Electric Vehicles...
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  • Betting Against NatGas Made This Man A Fortune—In The Last 4 Months

    I had a subscriber make my day yesterday…make my year in fact. He called me to say he was finally covering his bearish natgas trade from March and April—and made $122,614.40 in profits.  He put almost $290,000 into that trade, making it a 42.45% return in just four months.  The...
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  • Never Have So Many Owed So .Little To So Few

    I don’t think I’ve read a more unbelievable statistic. Can Bloomberg really only use FOUR people to generate one of the most watched oil estimates in the world—a number that moves billions of dollars each week? A report from Canadian brokerage firm RBC Dominion two weeks ago suggests that that...
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