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  • How To Beat The Saudis At Their Own Game

    We are now into Round 2 of the Global Oil War—where the Saudis maximize their revenue, and keep US shale producers—and their lenders—under the Saudi thumb. But there are a few very smart men—and I’ll tell you about a few of them in a minute—who think the price war will...
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  • Big Profits Can Come in This (Very) Small Package

    How do you get a golf ball out of a Coke bottle? It’s a puzzle that Ken Gerbino and his team at Titan Oil Recovery solved years ago, but have yet to commercialize on a grand scale. He’s hoping a new business model will find some entrepreneurs willing to fund...
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  • You’ll Never Guess Who is the Lowest Cost Producer in the World

    The Saudis want control of the oil market back, and they are lowering prices to weed out the high cost producers. But I found a western producer with even lower costs per barrel than the Saudis. That’s right—someone who beat them at their own game.  Just like the Saudis, this...
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  • Is There A Perfect Storm Coming for Natural Gas Prices?

    Even before Tuesday’s big jump in natural gas prices, I was intrigued to see some of the leading natgas stocks in the US hold up or go up on days natgas was down this week, like EQT, Southwestern, and Rice Energy, (which my colleague Bill Powers profiled at $9.47/share on Feb....
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  • The 2 Questions You Should Ask About Oil Stocks Now

    Oil is up.  Consensus has changed from a supply glut to a more balanced market by the end of this year—but the Market is in full swing pricing that in now. Energy producers across the board have had a good run in the last month, and it could continue—both Brent and...
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