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  • Vermillion blog

    Half The Oil Price But Four Times The Free Cash Flow Half the oil price but 4x the free cash flow! Sounds like a pitch from Barnum & Bailey’s circus, doesn’t it–Step right up folks and see it with  your own eyes! I’m going to show this magic trick–starting with...
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  • I Found the Holy Grail of Energy Stocks

    I found the Holy Grail of Energy Stocks. No more volatility.  No more ups and downs.  No more trading. Just a secure, certain dividend stream that I think will grow every year–for the next 14 years. In fact, it might even get increased a couple times a year. How do...
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  • What Canada Has That The US Doesn’t–Oil Stocks

    Investors are trained by analysts and management to talk about oil prices when looking at energy stocks. But that’s a misnomer; a mistake even—especially in the United States, where the hydrocarbon geology is deeper and gassier than Canada.  And natural gas is worth a lot less than oil. Investors sadly...
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  • The Resource Market is Back – Join Me in Toronto!

    THE RESOURCE MARKET IS BACK!!   OIL—OPEC cuts make N. American oil stocks a NO-BRAINER                                      a.Donald Trump is just the icing on the cake NATURAL GAS—tighter supply and increasing exports support prices GOLD—US dollar pause? More political uncertainty COPPER—mine supply dwindling next few...
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  • Remember Poseidon Concepts? It Tanked. Finally An Executive Is Charged

    Poseidon Concepts executive Kostelecky Is Criminally Charged Editors Note:  Calgary’s Poseidon Concepts was a market darling in 2011-2012, rising from $2.65 – $16 on the Toronto Stock Exchange.  The company proclaimed it was so profitable making and selling frac water tanks, it started a dividend.  But doubts in the Market...
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