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  • The Most Profitable Word in Energy is….

    What is “optionality”? In investing, it’s having a lot of upside with very little downside.  I would also call that an asymmetrical trade. At $45-$50 per barrel oil, most producers no optionality.  They can’t grow—or if they can, it’s only by a small amount, like 5-10%. But I found The...
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  • The Two Most Important Questions Right Now

    Canadian natural gas prices on the spot market hit an intraday low of $0.05/mcf earlier this month—that’s FIVE CENTS per thousand cubic feet.  That was a result of the massive forest fires around the oilsands hub city of Fort MacMurray, which has taken 1 MM bopd of heavy oil offline,...
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  • The New FrontRunner in the Global Lithium Race

    Lithium is the hottest commodity in global energy, and there’s a race on to develop the next greenfield lithium mine (greenfield=from scratch). Lithium X (LIX-TSXv; LIXXF-OTCBB)) took a big step to being The Next Big Lithium Producer with a deal last week to get a pilot plant operating at their Sal...
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  • Be A SuperStar Energy Investor in 5 Minutes

    It has been two years since I was earnestly combing through junior oil producers to find the best investment. But now that oil prices have moved up from $26-$46/barrel since mid-February, there are—believe it or not—a (very) few junior producers who can grow production within cash flow at these prices....
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  • The Most Precious Commodity is Always—People

    I’ve been following one management team in the oilpatch for years, because I know they are among the best in the business. They have built and sold junior producers before—in fact, there was a bidding war for their last one. They are the types of serial entrepreneurs that I love...
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