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  • Here’s What’s NOT Baked Into The Oil Price

    Even with WTI prices above $70 per barrel, and international Brent crude closer to $80… there really isn’t much geopolitical premium in the oil price yet. And that’s scary (as in… scary bullish) because war in the Middle East has rarely looked more certain—in two places. First off, oil prices...
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  • It’s a Whole New Oil Market Today

    The oil market is greatly underestimating what has just happened. The Green Light for oil profits was turned on yesterday by US President Trump. I’m going to take advantage of it…. will you? Back during his Presidential campaign, Donald Trump repeatedly referred to the 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal (The Joint...
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  • Gundlach Is Bullish On Junior Oil, So Should You Be?

    Every spring the elite of the investment world gather in New York for the Ira Sohn Investment Conference.  It is a Who’s Who of the hedge fund industry. This year Jeff Gundlach—who oversees $120 billion for DoubleLine Capital—took the stage and pounded the table for buying one thing…. Shares of oil producers,...
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  • Don’t Dip Your Toe In; JUMP Into The Pool

    Could we see $100 per barrel oil in the next 12 months? The answer is yes. The reason why is because the only person on the planet who can $100 per barrel oil happen is very motivated to do so. The Prince’s Plan Requires High Oil Prices We need to...
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    Spartan Energy–which I think was the best junior oil producer in Canada (i.e. best free cash flow/low cost producer)–sold itself to Vermillion Energy (VET-NYSE/TSX) for 4.5-5x EBITDA.  I think that’s a very low valuation.  It was a paltry 5% premium over the previous day’s close. This is a huge negative...
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