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  • Shipping’s Dirty Secret Part II–The (Probable) Winners and Losers

    New global shipping fuel rules promise to upset the world’s crude slate for a couple years—causing havoc for investors and producers.  In Part I, I explained how much pollution the shipping industry creates, and how shipowners are adapting.  In Part II here, I explain what macro concerns there are for...
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  • Shipping’s Dirty Secret–and How I’m Profiting From It

    Here’s some trivia: What segment of the transportation sector represents 7% of fuel demand but accounts for 90% of SO2 (sulphur dioxide) and NOx (nitrogen oxides) emissions? The shipping industry. Lately there have been several reports out about upcoming changes to sulphur regulations being passed by the International Marine Organization...
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  • Shell and Chevron Love Kinder Morgan For Stealing the Canadian Protestors

    Shhhh…keep very quiet…about LNG in Canada I mean…it’s happening right now under everyone’s noses…but don’t tell anyone…sshhhh On the surface and their LNG Canada project in Kitimat BC have not announced a Final Investment Decision, or FID.  They keep publicly kicking an official decision down the road. Privately however, beneath...
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  • Why Commodity Hedge Fund Managers Are Disappearing

    If one of your children tells you that they want to become a commodity hedge fund manager —- tell them to try something else. Making money in that particular field is incredibly hard. Just ask anyone on the long list of commodity focused hedge funds which have disappeared over the...
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  • Do Broken Chinese Teapots Hold The Key to Oil Prices?

    The rally in WTI oil prices that began at $42 per barrel in June 2017 and touched $77 in June 2018 (an 83% increase in a year) has fizzled in recent months. If you were wondering what took the air out of the oil market oil trading superstar Pierre Andurand...
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New video: Shh… progress on Canadian LNG

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