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  • Getting Ready for a Natural Gas Rebound

    The Set-Up:  In February 2014 I wrote a story on how the US arm of brokerage Raymond James saw a lot of negatives for Canadian natural gas.  Longer term that could be true but in this article OGIB guest writer Shaun Polczer—who was formerly an energy writer at the Calgary Herald...
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  • Some Not-So-Hot Facts About Global Warming Research–Global Cooling Part III

    Consider this: -In 2013, the UK had the coldest spring since 1963. -In March 2013, Northern Japan received record snowfall–up to 16 ft thick just south of Aomori. -In October 2013, the worst frost in more than 80 years hit Chile and damaged 50 million boxes of fruit for export—damages...
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  • A New Industry Was Born Today–and so far it’s a Monopoly

    There is a multi-billion dollar problem in the oil patch just looking for a solution—get oil to flow better along the horizontal leg of a well. A small Canadian company called Raise Production Inc. (RPC-TSXv; GLKFF-PINK) thinks it may have the answer. They have developed a way to place many...
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  • What’s The Bright Spot for Investors in Global Cooling? Part II

    Part I of this series is here. If history is any guide, the world will continue its current 15 year cooling trend for another 20 years potentially.  In fact, there is a good chance the earth is about to go into one of its coolest periods in the last 250...
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  • Global Cooling– The REAL Inconvenient Truth: Part 1

    Three months ago, it snowed in Cairo, Egypt for the first time in 112 years. 2013 was the largest one-year temperature drop ever recorded in the United States. The extent of the Antarctic sea ice is at record highs. It’s the Real Inconvenient Truth—right now the world is getting colder. ...
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LNG in British Columbia

Avalanche of Oil in North America

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