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  • A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words. But This One is Worth $2.625 Billion

    Some people say a picture is worth 1000 words.  I only need FIVE to explain this picture:  It’s all the same asset. This map says that Advantage Lithium (AAL-TSXv; CAD$140 million Enterprise Value) will one day be worth as much as Lithium Americas (LAC-TSX; CAD$1 billion Enterprise Value or US$800...
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  • It’s Time to Pivot As A New Bull Market Begins

    While the S&P 500 has marched relentlessly higher over the past eight plus years the energy sector has had a terrible time.  The result of that is that investors have long since given up on the energy sector and instead enjoyed the easy ride that has been available elsewhere. But...
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  • How Accurate is the EIA Data on Oil? We Did a Study

    Ever wonder how accurate the EIA’s oil production numbers are? The EIA is the Energy Information Administration, a federal government division that produces the most transparent and well researched data on oil production and storage levels—of any country in the world. Their Weekly Petroleum Supply Report (WPSR) comes out every...
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  • The Oil Information Cartel is (Finally) Broken

    A determined James Stafford of OilPrice.com just busted wide open an oil industry information cartel that has existed for decades. Most investors look at WTI and Brent prices at Bloomberg or CME Futures, and figure the oil price is in the public domain.  You would be about 2% correct, because...
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  • The Biggest Failure in US Shale is Also The Most Profitable

    Talk about a business failure! Since 1888 the Texas Pacific Land Trust (TPL-NYSE) has been trying to wrap-up operations and go out of business. That is 129 years of not accomplishing what seems like a simple goal. It’s shameful really ;-). If it is any consolation (and I’m sure it...
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