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  • This Tiny Canadian Company Will Replace Russian NatGas in Germany – Really!

    A PEA-sized Company with a Huge Natural Gas Vision What do you make of a $70 million company developing a $10 billion project? Well that is exactly what we have in the case of tiny, Calgary based Pieridae – trading under symbol PEA-TSXv. Its an uphill battle, but I have...
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  • This Small-Cap Controls Some Of The Most Important Real Estate in Your Life

    What is the #1 rule of real estate? Location, location, location. How about your smart phone? What is the most valuable real estate on your (and hundreds of millions of other’s) smart phone? It’s the home-screen of course; the one you see as soon as your phone boots up. Second...
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  • Refineries – Why I’m Not Ready to Buy

    The big news out this last week was that Philadelphia Energy Solutions (PES) will permanently shut its South Philadelphia refinery in the next month. Whether “permanent” means permanent, well, we’ll see.  But at the very least, the refinery isn’t coming back any time soon. I’ve been watching the refiners closely...
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    Roscan Gold is the stock that I think will be The Next Big Discovery in the mining world. And it couldn’t have come at a better time, with gold breaking out above 5 year highs. As I explain how CEO Greg Isenor and Director Dave Mosher have discovered over 10...
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  • The Next Big Gold Discovery Is Right Here

    Have you ever had a stock go up 1000%–or 10x–in just one year? It’s exhilarating–and a bit nerve wracking. The best place to find these Huge Wins is in junior mining stocks.  And I expect to see A LOT more now that the gold price has broken out to 5...
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