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  • Green Plains Inc Sinks Into the Red.. and Maybe The Black

    These are dark days for the ethanol industry.  It’s very much a different story from 2013-2015, when Green Plains (GPRE-NASD) was a great investment, and one of my biggest wins.  It went from $4-$48 in two years, and I caught the run from $9-$30. Ethanol is gasoline made from corn,...
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  • The Oil Sector is Attracting One Very Smart Investor At (We Hope!) The Bottom

    Paul Andreola is one very patient–and very successful–investor.  In the 20 years that I have known him, he has been a stockbroker, a CEO of a public company, a company founder, and a full time investor.  He has looked at the investing  game from every angle. And last week he...
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  • Are Shipping/Tanker Stocks Finally Worth Owning? A 3 year check-in

    Shipping has not been a great industry–for management teams or investors–for several years now. I warned readers to avoid the sector like the plague back in 2016 with this story here: http://bit.ly/tankersoversupplied The sector is capital-intensive, has no product differentiation (ie. one ship is the same as the next), and...
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  • Justin Trudeau: The Best Friend to Canadian Oil Producers?

    Can somebody tell me why the (Canadian) oil industry hates Justin Trudeau so much? Alberta seems to think the Prime Minister has it in for them.  They’ve gone so far as to send a caravan of trucks across the country just to let him know how angry they are! But...
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  • Introducing Investment Whisperer

    I can’t believe it has been ten years – an entire decade since I launched the Oil and Gas Investments Bulletin in the spring of 2009. I started with a mission to explain The Shale Revolution in simple English to retail investors…and make some money doing it, by trading my...
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