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  • The Next Group of Energy Stocks to Run

    Psychology has changed in oil stocks.  Huge cash inflows are returning to the sector. And that means one very large group of oil stocks is poised to win significant gains. It’s NOT the leaders—the very best companies. They didn’t dip as much in December-January, and they have already run.  The Early...
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  • A Surprising Oil Hotspot Brewing in America

    These Statistics Show A Surprising Oil Hotspot Brewing in America Guess which American oil play will show the largest increase in production the next two years?  That’s right, I said increase. The Bakken? Permian? Niobrara? Well, defying all expectations of analysts and investors alike, it’s likely to be the Gulf of Mexico (GOM),...
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  • 5 Reasons Not To Invest In Energy

    There are a lot of options for your hard earned capital and no shortage of folks wanting to tell you how to use it. Recent trends have been very profitable in different sectors. On the other hand, energy has displayed a horrendous previous 52 weeks. So here are 5 reasons...
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  • The Marcellus is close to Peak Production and why this is so Important

    By Bill PowersOne of the little spoken truths of the shale gas industry over the past three years has been that most of America’s gas fields are now experiencing production declines with one large exception: the Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania.And that narrow reliance on one play gets even more concentrated—the...
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  • Why It’s The 2009 Bull Market All Over Again

    Corporate profits for US companies—especially small caps—could be set to soar 20% in the first half of 2015. That’s what happens when the CPI—the Consumer Price Index—breaks up and away from the PPI—the Producer Price Index. The chart below (courtesy of  Unit Economics in Boston) shows that the Consumer Price...
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