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  • This Low-Cost, Fast-Payback Asset Is What The Market Wants

      I believe that we are heading into a golden age for junior gold miners. Gold’s short, medium and long term charts look very good.   And importantly – the sector has been starved for capital for a decade. Despite gold prices being over $1,000 per ounce the capital markets completely deserted this sector for years.  [...]

  • Can These Stocks Scrub A Profit Out Of IMO 2020?

    IMO 2020 was potentially a big trade in 2019, and is still potentially a big trade in 2020—though I confess I struggle to find any BIG WIN potential. IMO 2020 stands for the International Marine Organization, a UN body.  They have mandated that ships switch to much cleaner and more expensive fuel, starting January 1[...]

  • This Discovery Hole Could Be Worth Billions.

    Compelling Geology. Proven Team.RECON-ENERGY (RECO-TSXV; LGDOF-PINK) Can Be Play-of-the-Year There is not a single doubt in my mind. Reconnaissance Energy Africa (RECO:TSX.V/LGDOF-PINK) is the single most exciting oil stock to watch in 2020. This 60 cent stock is drilling a well that could create more than 100x times its value—yes, in just one hole. Do[...]

  • A Novel Idea to Get Canadian LNG to Asia

    A group of Calgary energy entrepreneurs has a novel idea – that could have much lower capital costs and much lower operating costs – for getting Canadian natural gas to Korea and other Asian markets. Building LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) terminals on tidewater in western North America has been a tough sell.  High costs, environmental[...]


    Surprisingly…….the most bullish recent piece of news for the price of oil in 2020 DID NOT come from the Middle East. Not that the massive escalation of Middle East issues with the killing of Iran’s top general isn’t hugely bullish news for oil. However, the bomb that the oil service company Core Labs (CLB:NYSE) dropped[...]

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