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  • This Stock Is a Triple In 2017–And It Was A No-Brainer

    EDITORS NOTE:  The stock Fiat Chrysler (FCAU-NYSE) is now a TRIPLE this year.  When I bought it in the OGIB subscriber portfolio in early 2017, many subscribers thought I was crazy–and told me so directly.  I had been tracking the stock for months, waiting  for it to break out…and I...
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  • What Is The Most Important Factor For 2018 Oil Price?

    What’s the most important factor for the oil price in 2018? Would you believe me if I told you it was the US natural gas price? As a minimum, the US natural gas price is one of, if not the most under-appreciated factor in the price of WTI—for one simple...
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  • New Oil Zones in Canada Still Being Discovered–And They Pay Back FAST!

    Napoleon is credited with the saying—I would rather have my generals be lucky than good. And that’s a good saying for Yangarra Resources (YGR-TSX), as they discovered how prolific the Lower Cardium, or  “Bioturbated Zone” is in Alberta’s massive Cardium formation–all by accident. They were drilling in the main Cardium zone...
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  • The Two Best Money Making Days in the Calendar Are…

    THE BIGGEST MONEY-MAKING DAYS OF THE YEAR BACK TO BACK OCTOBER 3-4 Institutional investors have the ear of management.  They get to meet management regularly, and get more color on developing events at companies.  It’s not inside information, but body language and details go a long way to deciding how...
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  • It’s Happening Now—And These Two Stocks Are Always First

    There are two very important energy stocks for investors to watch.  In Canada, it’s the large integrated oil producer Suncor—symbol SU on both the TSX and NYSE.  In the United States, it’s the large independent refinery company Valero—VLO-NYSE. I think they’re important because I see the as them as energy...
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