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  • The Biggest Failure in US Shale is Also The Most Profitable

    Talk about a business failure! Since 1888 the Texas Pacific Land Trust (TPL-NYSE) has been trying to wrap-up operations and go out of business. That is 129 years of not accomplishing what seems like a simple goal. It’s shameful really ;-). If it is any consolation (and I’m sure it...
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  • How To Solve The Great Commodity Squeeze

    Tell me—what do Tesla, Apple, and Samsung have in common? They are global tech leaders Their stocks have done incredibly well in the last 5 years They all use cobalt And as a group, they are about to cause one of the Great Commodity Squeezes of all time—in cobalt.  In...
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  • One Young 33-yr old Now Controls The Global Price of Oil (Bullish!)

    Next year the International Energy Agency (IEA) expects global daily oil demand to exceed 100 million barrels per day. That is 700 million barrels per week, roughly 3 billion barrels per month and 36.5 billion barrels over the course of a year. At $60 per barrel that is a $2.2...
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  • Misunderstood Stocks Give the Best Returns

    Misunderstood stocks give investors the greatest gains. Nobody understood ethanol when I bought Green Plains Renewable Energy in 2013 at $8.50.  The drought of 2012 had sent corn prices soaring, and sent ethanol stocks into the ground. Everyone hated them.  Investors had been burned—like 3rd degree to their entire wallet. But...
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  • Nobody in Oil Believes What They’re Seeing Right in Front of Them

    Nobody believes in oil stocks. Look, I get it. It has been three years since oil crashed. The price of oil just never goes up. We have had so many oil price rallies that didn’t amount to a hill of beans that we have all lost count. Everyone has accepted...
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