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  • OPEC Is Smarter Than You Think

    The core strategists of OPEC are brilliant. In a nutshell, they’ve done TWO incredibly smart things. One is that by timing their much publicized production cuts to start in January 2017—when oil demand starts a steep rise—they really don’t have to cut at all. As you can see on the...
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  • Christmas Has Come Early for Canadian Oil Producers—FOUR times!

    Talk about being on a roll!  Everything is now coming up aces for Canadian oil producers. Christmas has come early this year. I’ll tell you Three Good Things that have happened for these companies. And perhaps more importantly The One Thing that hasn’t happened.   Early Christmas Present #1 –...
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  • Oil Stocks Traded Better Than You Think Yesterday

    Oil stocks traded REALLY well yesterday.  You could just say ‘DUH!’ but there’s more to it than that. Through the day, weakness—what little of it there was—was bought. Stocks opened higher and kept running.  Most closed at or near their highs. The Biggest Gains were reserved for those stocks that...
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  • The Oil and Gas Industry is in Hot Water (and That’s a Good Thing)

    by Elizabeth Lappin, P.Geo Elizabeth is the Geothermal Ambassador Coordinator at CanGEA, and the Founder of Castle Rock Consulting Ltd.  Alberta’s oil and gas wells produce thousands of barrels of water each day. This water is considered a waste by the oil patch, and operators pay to send it away...
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  • OPEC says–”America First”

    Who is saying “America First” when it comes to oil? OPEC is!  And it means US oil stocks—especially in the Permian Basin in Texas–should have a great run in the coming months. It’s so simple—let me explain. The rising oil price is now pricing in a production cut of 1...
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