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  • Why Nobody Can Predict The Oil Price

    Were you bullish on oil a year ago–and are now shocked that oil is barely $50/barrel? You aren’t the only one. This wasn’t supposed to have been possible. An oil price crash…ok. To crash and stay this low for two years….no way. After reading the just released July 2016 EIA...
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  • The Saudis Did NOT See This Coming From US Oil

    The hottest oil play in the western world is the Delaware sub-basin of the Permian in SW Texas.  Producers are seeing huge increases in flow rates as they figure out proper fracking techniques.  Rates are doubling from 1500-3,000 boepd!  And payout times for wells are now as low as seven...
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  • This is How You Make the MOST Money in Commodities

    Meet the CEO’s—Connect with Success October 11th, 2016 in Vancouver This is your personal invitation while seating is available.   VANCOUVER SUBSCRIBER INVESTMENT SUMMIT 2016 Pan Pacific Hotel – Downtown Vancouver – 999 Canada Place Tuesday, October 11th, 2016 | 9 AM – 4 PM Cocktail Reception to follow at...
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  • This Legend Has ONE THIRD Of His Portfolio In This Stock

    I’ve partnered with my friend Reece Morgan on his newsletter–The SuperInvestor Bulletin.  It tracks the favourite stocks of the fund managers who have the best long term track records in the investment business.  This…somewhat-energy-related stock may surprise you. I own it. This Company Is Such A Slam Dunk This Legend...
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  • The #1 Efficiency Gains in Energy Come From…Sand?

    It’s clear from comments on Q2 conference calls in the last week that North American producers ARE getting more efficient—lowering costs—in producing tight oil, or shale oil.  And they don’t think they’ve hit their limits yet. The high tech reason for these improvements? Simple sand.  It is stunning to me...
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