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  • Canopy Rivers (RIV-TSXv) Is A Marijuana Bank–But With HUGE Equity Exposure

    Canopy Rivers (RIV:TSXv; CNPOF:OTC) is the marijuana stock that has what billions of dollars of institutional money are desperately searching for… That is – RAPIDLY GROWING FREE CASH FLOW!!! Predictable and growing cash flow is what the institutions want. They have been searching for marijuana stocks with real business fundamentals and traditional...
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  • Here’s Why I DON’T Write A Newsletter on Marijuana Stocks

    Every month I get asked to start a newsletter covering marijuana stocks. I always say no. I mean, I get it – this will be the fastest growing sector in 2019 – possibly in the whole world. One of The Big Catalysts will likely come from the US – it’s The...
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  • Two Energy Sub-Sectors That Will Make Investors Money in 2019

    Where will energy investors make money in 2019?  I think the answer will surprise you.  Click on the short video below as I outline a couple sub-sectors which should prove fruitful this year–and FIVE stocks within those that I think will do great. A rough transcript is below the video (which...
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  • The 3 Factors That Will Decide the Oil Price in 2019

    In this short video, I tell you where I think the oil price is going in 2019, and three factors that could make oil have a big swing in price – either up or down. Click on my picture below to hear my thoughts (and sign up for my YouTube channel!), or...
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  • Why Do O&G Producers Do Share Buybacks?

    On December 13, 2018 Pioneer Resources (PXD:NYSE) announced a whopper of a share buyback program – $2 billion, up from the existing program that covered re-purchases of up to only $100 million. Great news for shareholders right? I’m not so sure. I’m feeling feisty this Christmas. In fact I’m going to...
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New video: Shh… progress on Canadian LNG

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