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  • Canada’s Pipeline Problems Have a Unique (Partial) Solution

    North America is finding more oil than it can pipe or ship. Investors and the general public alike now know the story about pipeline constraints; it’s in our newspapers every day.  Right now, the Permian formation in west Texas has it, and Western Canada has it.  The Bakken play in...
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  • Are You Still Looking for Oil Stocks in the Wrong Places?

    Something happened while everyone in the oil business was getting all hot and bothered about the Permian Basin. Bakken operators made a game-changing breakthrough in their completion methodology. The chart below from Continental Resources (CLR-NYSE) tells you everything that you need to know. The blue line represents rates of return...
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  • Two Recent Lithium Deals Tell Investors How to Value The Juniors

    The junior lithium sector got a new valuation benchmark at the end of May when Aussie-listed Galaxy Resources (GXY-ASX) sold some grassroots lithium assets in northern Argentina to POSCO, a Korean conglomerate. The ground was in the northern basin at Sal de Vida, in northern Argentina, and Galaxy received US$280...
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  • This Permian Producer is HAPPY About Huge Discounts…How Strange is That?

    Here is something that you wouldn’t expect. Permian Basin oil producers are selling oil for $20 per barrel less than Brent pricing price…yet the largest producer in the Permian couldn’t be happier about it. How is that possible? As soaring Permian production overwhelms takeaway capacity and decimates Permian oil prices...
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  • This Man Made Me The Most Money in 2017

    Editors Note: OGIB subscribers have had a great couple months, with stocks like Viper Energy (VNOM-NASD) GeoPark (GPRK-NYSE) and Athabasca Oil (ATH-TSX). But my colleague Paul Andreola, editor over at sister-publication SmallCap Discoveries has had a phenomenal run in the last two years, with several 10-baggers including Lite Access (LTE-TSXv;...
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