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  • Where is the Market Going?

    To me, the Market (Dow/S&P 500) is a bit of a binary trade right now. It’s pretty clear to me that the Market is determined to retest its late August lows. If it bounces, I think I can safely buy stocks and likely add to my biggest position again at...
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  • Where the Market is Going and What the Perfect Investment Looks Like

    RICK RULE INTERVIEW PART II Keith:    Rick, in the first part of our interview we talked about the state of the energy market now, and what some of the opportunities are. But let’s talk details for a second—you’re aiming to come in somewhat as a lender of last resort in...
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  • My Top Out-of-the-Box Trade Idea for 2015

    Oil and gas producers are among the least profitable sectors in the energy world—yet they gain the most attention. And they’re cyclical—you have to trade them.  They had a great two year run from 2009-2011, then were the wrong place to be for two years, but the Polar Vortex of...
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  • Why is Rick Rule so Happy? Interview Part 1

    WHY DOES RICK SOUND SO HAPPY IN THIS ENERGY MARKET? INTERVIEW WITH RICK RULE, SPROTT US HOLDINGS INC. Rick Rule is a naturally happy guy, despite being immersed in one of the most depressed parts of the economy right now.  I’ve known Rick for almost two decades, and it was...
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  • Why Are These NatGas Stock Charts So Intriguing?

    Many of the leading Canadian natgas/condensate producers have exciting (bullish) short term stock charts—just at a time when one fundamental natgas chart looks ominously bearish.  The Big Play for natgas in Canada is the liquids-rich Montney formation on the BC-Alberta border. It is the Eagle Ford of Canada, with very...
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