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  • The Simple Math on Global Oil Production is More Bullish Than You Realize

    It has only been two weeks since the OPEC/non-OPEC meeting and the deal they reached is already outdated.  If you blinked you would have missed it. What has happened is very bullish for oil prices. In case you did miss it…..the agreement that OPEC/non-OPEC came to on June 23rd was...
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  • These US Energy Stocks Could Move on July 6

    I want to tell you about one of the most under-followed subsector in energy: US royalty trusts. This is a very timely introduction and update, because many of them will be announcing their next distribution either Friday July 6, or early in the week of Monday July 9.  I think...
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  • The Phone Call That Made Me $200,000

    Early last year, one 10 minute phone call made me $200,000. And the person on the other end of the line was solely instrumental for making me that significant profit. I knew I could rely on my good friend for outside the box thinking.  He had experience in doing what...
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  • The Northeast – A (Natgas) Growth Story

    EDITORS NOTE:  I read A LOT of material each morning, and each week–and I’ve been doing this newsletter long enough now to know The Smart Money in the sector.  East Daley is one of those groups.  They focuse on midstream news (pipelines etc), and even though it’s institutional level detail...
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  • Twice The Growth, One-Quarter the Valuation

    In US oil, high production growth = high valuation.  And the Permian formation in SW Texas has been growing faster than any other basin—which is why Permian stocks were investors’ favourite for the last two years. In the Permian mania, stocks would trade at huge cash flow multiples—making a lot...
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