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  • Are Your Energy Stocks Moving Up Right Now?

    Which energy stocks are above their -50 day moving average -100 day moving average -200 day moving average? The answer–not too many.  But the few that are have one simple connecting thread—they are all the recognized leaders in their field. But I try to differentiate them even further.  I own...
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  • Why EnCana’s Deep Panuke Problems Matter Part 2

    DOES NEW ENGLAND HAVE A NATURAL GAS DILEMMA? or….Deep Panuke Part II By Bill Powers Part I is here. Natural gas discoveries in offshore Nova Scotia were supposed to help supply New England with years and years of natural gas supply.  But Exxon has already left the area (Sable Island)...
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  • Why Encana’s Deep Panuke Problems Matters for New England

    Why EnCana’s Deep Panuke Problems Matter for New England By: Bill Powers Encana Corporation (ECA-NYSE/TSX) got lucky with high gas prices for its Deep Panuke project offshore Nova Scotia—but the failure of that play does not bode well for New England natural gas prices. Along with Exxon’s Sable Island Energy Project...
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  • What’s So Bullish About Canadian NatGas?

    Why are recent natural gas deals in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin (WCSB) getting done at very expensive metrics, when the consensus for Canadian gas prices in the near to medium term is lower—potentially a lot lower? The obvious answer is LNG—Liquid Natural Gas exports; even though the first exports...
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  • The Texas Natgas Massacre

    By Bill Powers Natural gas production in Texas in Q1 2015 declined 1.5 billion cubic feet per day (bcf/d), results from the Texas Railroad Commission (RRC) show.   That’s a 5.5% decline on the 22 bcf/d Texas produces—a full one third of all natural gas production in the USA. Conservatively, I...
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