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    I LOVE buying a stock that’s going up. And Pareteum (TEU)M-NASD has been one of the best performing stocks of 2019 so far – up an astounding 300%+ in the last two and a half months. (Sure beats oil stocks, and that’s why I’m looking here.) I’ve watched the run –...
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  • Here’s the REAL Parent-Child Issue in the Permian

    Mark Papa, the CEO of Centennial Resource Development Corp (CDEV) is known as the “Godfather” of shale oil. Following the recent release of its Q4 2018 earnings report the share price of the Godfather’s company was taken out to the woodshed. The company missed analyst expectations… BIG time… and the...
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  • More Wind Power Means…Surprise! More NatGas Use!

    Microsoft founder Bill Gates is a man on a mission – he has also founded a billion dollar energy fund with sole purpose of fighting climate change. Gates is definitely not pro-hydrocarbons.  But he is a realist. And he’s not optimistic about wind and solar renewable energy as a solution...
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  • The Oil Market Changed Last Week. Here’s How

    To me, investor sentiment the oil market changed last week – to the bullish. For the last few months, oil has been caught between two opposing forces – (very) fast rising US production vs. Saudi cutbacks. When the Saudis announced late last week that March loadings would average 9.8 million...
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  • The White House Is Paying More Attention to Cobalt Than Investors

    Shareholders of First Cobalt – FCC-TSXv/FTSSF-OTCQB are like the Fram Filter man – they can get paid now, or they can get paid later. I think they could get paid now because FCC owns the only cobalt refinery in the world that’s idle – outside of China, up in the small...
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