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  • My #1 Vanadium Stock – Stina Resources

    Advertorial by Keith Schaefer   Timing is everything in the Markets.And that’s what I think makes Stina Resources one of the most compelling investments of the next year.You see, they’re buying one of the world’s leading vanadium battery suppliers, just as large-scale energy storage is starting its growth curve. This couldn’t have...
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  • The BIGGEST Investment Theme in Energy For The Next 20 Years

    Energy storage will be one of The Biggest Investment Themes of the next 20 years.  More and more power will come from wind and solar, and less and less from fossil fuels.  The problem to solve is…how do you manage & integrate those intermittent power sources so they can run...
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  • The Smallest Company in the Lowest Cost Oil Play in the USA

    The Smallest Company in the Lowest Cost Oil Play in the USA Advertorial by Keith Schaefer Small oil producers have been shunned by the Market, making them EXTREMELY cheap now—giving the whole sector lots of leverage for investors. The one I’m focused on this year is Jericho Oil Corporation, JCO-TSX.V; JROOF-PINK. It’s...
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  • The Big Leverage is Now with SMALL Oil Stocks

    One of my most fruitful investing themes is—buy the smallest producers in the best oil plays. And it’s one of the few times I’m willing to go really small—like, companies under $250 million market cap. By definition, the best oil plays have great economics; wells that can payback quickly so...
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  • Cobalt and Litium Divergence

    As the EV Trade (Electric Vehicles) has developed over the last few years the fate of the cobalt and lithium markets—two niche metals now going mainstream to supply EV batteries—have been tied together. Increased lithium-ion battery demand from EVs has boosted the prices in both materials. They have been like...
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