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  • Why It’s The 2009 Bull Market All Over Again

    Corporate profits for US companies—especially small caps—could be set to soar 20% in the first half of 2015. That’s what happens when the CPI—the Consumer Price Index—breaks up and away from the PPI—the Producer Price Index. The chart below (courtesy of  Unit Economics in Boston) shows that the Consumer Price...
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  • The Best Portfolio Hedge for Low Oil Prices

    Everyone in the oilpatch is now nervous that the United States could run out of oil storage capacity.  This “storage issue” is now Big News, and is driving light oil prices in the US—WTI—to fresh six year lows of $42-ish a barrel. I see a lot of copy on the...
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  • US Oil Productions Stops Growing in March

    Could US oil production peak…NOW? Shale oil production in the United States could potentially stop growing as early as…now. As in March 2015. The information came out in the EIA’s latest Drilling Productivity Report which was published on March 9, 2015. The report predicts that US shale production in the month of...
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  • What To Do If You’re a Hard-Working BreadWinner

    Tell me if you know Steve. Steve is a family man.   He lives his life in a way that makes his parents proud. He is hard working, spends 50 hours a week on the job so that his wife and kids can afford a nice house in a good neighborhood....
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  • The Biggest Subscriber Loss in OGIB history

    EDITORS NOTE: On November 15 2012, one of the hottest Canadian energy stocks called Poseidon Concepts announced horrible quarterly results that cut the stock from $13.25 that day to open at $6.  I sold it right away that next day as there is never just one cockroach.  It would go...
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