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  • Ethanol–It’s About The Economics, Stupid

    The US ethanol market remains tight, keeping stocks in an uptrend. Profitability is high for ethanol producers right now. But recent production increases and a delay by US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in updating the amount of ethanol to be used in the US will likely create some uncertainty in...
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  • Is US Oil Production Set to Plummet?

    American oil production is set for a fast pullback, says Chris Theal, founder and CEO of Canadian energy fund Kootenay Capital. And that has two important implications America is now the swing producer in the global oil market. If the bottom in oil prices wasn’t set Nov. 5, it’s very,...
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  • The Only Oil Price Going UP in the World Right Now

    Here’s a current chart of the oil price you probably don’t recognize: This is a custom built chart of Canadian heavy oil prices (Western Canada Select–WCS)—in Canadian dollars. (Canadian dollar charts are hard to find!).  This chart takes into account the lower Canadian dollar against the greenback.  It shows that...
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  • Nanotechnology Hits the Oilpatch

    Dropping energy prices—for both oil and natural gas—has investors and analysts checking to see what the break-even price is for oil production in each play in North America. This is a moving target, and it’s going lower all the time. And I’m going to tell you The Next Phase of...
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  • Why It’s Different This Time

    Is this downturn in oil prices going to be different for investors?  I think it might.  In fact, I think North American energy companies have a good chance of withstanding this downfall in prices than any other downturn of the last 40 years. You wouldn’t know it by looking at...
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