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  • The Best Stocks for Low Oil Prices

    This isn’t a situation where there is a question of if; in fact there isn’t even a question of when. The BIG TRADE of 2015 is happening now. Right now there is a group of companies that are generating huge windfall-like cash flows every day—due to low WTI oil prices in the US.  The longer oil prices stay low the...
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  • When to Buy Energy Financings—and When Not To

    The recent bounce in oil prices has opened the “equity window” for energy companies to raise capital.  It’s the first time this window has opened since October.  But should investors be buying? In the last three weeks, three Canadian energy companies raised equity capital; two juniors in Rock Energy (RE-TSX)...
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  • The Real Breakeven Price of Oil is Not What You Think

    You can read a lot on the breakeven price for oil right now.  I think a lot of what you read now is missing the point–because I think the breakeven price for oil isn’t all about economics.  There’s a human element to this (and every) trade. I think the breakeven...
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  • Oil Stock Charts Starting to Look Good

    Eating, breathing, sleeping and investing in the oil & gas markets is my life’s work. Since I’ve opened my portfolio to subscribers in 2009 I have… Had 49 trades with triple digit gains. Closed 148 trades for profits (and counting). Made $1.8 million in net profits from trading Now invest...
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  • Seven Generations Energy Generating Lots of Investor Interest

    As energy prices hit 6 year lows in January 2015, energy producers across North America cut their budgets, and reduced growth expectations—often to zero. But not one Montney producer. So far, newly-listed and highly-regarded Seven Generations Energy (VII-TSX) is standing by their 2015 spend of $1.6 billion in the very liquids rich...
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