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  • How To Profit from Brexit Now [2016's Greatest Buy Opportunity]

    The Brexit side has won.  The British people, the nation (not the politicians) have voted to leave the European Union, and become as Norway and Switzerland are—in Europe but out of the EU. This is not a binding vote; it’s only a referendum.  And it was a very narrow margin—basically...
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  • This Investing Legend has Put 16% Of His Portfolio In This ONE Stock

    I’m very excited to introduce Reece Morgan, editor of SuperInvestor Bulletin (formerly Hedge Fund Insiders–that name was already taken!).  I’ve partnered with Reece on his newsletter because I LOVE HIS RESEARCH.  It is no-nonsense, factual, and covers what the top fund managers in the world are overweight.  Reece is a...
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  • This is What Happens if Producers Only Spend Cash Flow (Hint: Bullish)

    How quickly could US shale production grow again if the oil price keeps rising? I suggest there has been a fundamental change—a bullish change—that will prevent US oil production from rising quickly. It certainly won’t grow as fast as it did from 2010-2015. That’s because US production was able to...
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  • How to Invest in Energy–for the Long Term

    Whenever I can, I invest for the long term. The reality is, oil and gas and ethanol markets are not only cyclical, but volatile within cycles. So when I find a company that is a)      Debt free b)     Can be so profitable it can increase its dividend TWICE in 2016 so far...
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  • The Biggest Winner and Loser in the Last Oil Cycle

    Oil went from $8-$147 per barrel between 1998-2008.  Then it crashed to $32.  Then it rocketed to $105 for five years.  Then it crashed to $27. Notice a pattern at all? Ever wonder why management of senior oil companies don’t notice this same pattern?  How can that be so when...
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