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  • This Wipes Out Any Spare Capacity OPEC Has

    The Offshore Oil Business Is Crippled And It May Never Recover How badly do oil producers want to transition out of the deepwater and focus on shale? And guess what that means for the global oil price? Exxon Mobil (NYSE:XOM) just paid Seadrill (NYSE:SDRL) $125 million in cash to get out of its commitment...
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  • The Most Profitable Word in Energy is….

    What is “optionality”? In investing, it’s having a lot of upside with very little downside.  I would also call that an asymmetrical trade. At $45-$50 per barrel oil, most producers no optionality.  They can’t grow—or if they can, it’s only by a small amount, like 5-10%. But I found The...
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  • The Two Most Important Questions Right Now

    Canadian natural gas prices on the spot market hit an intraday low of $0.05/mcf earlier this month—that’s FIVE CENTS per thousand cubic feet.  That was a result of the massive forest fires around the oilsands hub city of Fort MacMurray, which has taken 1 MM bopd of heavy oil offline,...
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  • The New FrontRunner in the Global Lithium Race

    Lithium is the hottest commodity in global energy, and there’s a race on to develop the next greenfield lithium mine (greenfield=from scratch). Lithium X (LIX-TSXv; LIXXF-OTCBB)) took a big step to being The Next Big Lithium Producer with a deal last week to get a pilot plant operating at their Sal...
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  • Be A SuperStar Energy Investor in 5 Minutes

    It has been two years since I was earnestly combing through junior oil producers to find the best investment. But now that oil prices have moved up from $26-$46/barrel since mid-February, there are—believe it or not—a (very) few junior producers who can grow production within cash flow at these prices....
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