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  • Is it Time for a New Paradigm?

    Why are producers spending ANY money right now?  I’ll tell you why—you can’t shrink yourself to greatness.  But there is one very good reason to stop spending completely—Mergers and Acquisitions. Now, nobody knows how long sub-$50 oil will last (and always remember that producers get $5-$10 less than WTI).  Morgan...
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  • Why The Turn In Oil Could Be Closer Than You Think

    Since oil really started crashing, the media can only talk negatively about oil. These are the same talking heads who had no clue about the impending 50% plunge in prices. Why do we listen to them—instead of paying attention to facts? Here is one fact….US gasoline and oil demand is...
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  • The Games Energy Producers Play (on Investors)

    In a bull market when energy stocks are flying and everybody is making money—like the first eight months of 2014—investors don’t care about what I’m going to tell you now. It would have been a waste of my time to write this story in January 2014. But now it’s different;...
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  • The Only Bull Market in Gas I See

    The 50% oil price drop is headline news.  In the media it has been called a plummet, free fall, dive and every other sensationalistic word for large decline you can think of. It has been impressive, but for some even better fireworks you really need to look at stock prices...
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  • How Much Oil Goes Missing at $50/barrel?

    This is the worst time of year for world oil prices to hit a five year low for North American energy producers. That’s because they typically evaluate their reserves at fiscal year-end—and that usually matches the calendar year.  That means reserve evaluations are done with the current price “deck” looking...
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