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  • It’s Murphy’s Law for Canadian Oil Producers

    Murphy’s Law Is Alive And Well In The Canadian Energy Patch Despite oil being up today, it’s ugly for E&P companies across the globe.  But I think Canadian producers have been hit with Murphy’s Law worse than anyone. After a decent Q2–because of the low Canadian dollar and forest fires...
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  • Heavy Oil’s Week from Hell–and How to Profit From It

    Low prices, high discounts and high condensate prices are conspiring to make this The Week From Hell for Canadian heavy oil producers.  Heavy oil prices are now at the bottom of the barrel. And not to sound like a traitor, but there is a very simple way for investors to...
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  • The Only Stock I Own That’s NOT Oil and Gas

    My personal portfolio is always 100% oil and gas—except for this one stock. When I heard how revenue is soaring at this company—in a multi-billion dollar industry that is one of the fastest growing in all of North America—I rushed to visit management. They confirmed what I had been hearing—that...
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  • What happens when the Marcellus’ Biggest Producer Gives Up?

    By: Bill Powers Sanford Bernstein is a boutique brokerage firm that the Market considers “smart money”.  But I have hard time believing their May 4th call that Marcellus/Utica gas production will jump a net 10 bcf/d by 2018. My main doubt comes from Chesapeake (CHK-NYSE) as they are in the...
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  • In a Tough Market, I Own the Best

    How many energy stocks are seeing their profit margins increase in this environment? That’s exactly what I expect to happen when my favourite company announces their next quarterly in mid-August. That’s right—the main product group for this company will almost certainly see a higher top line and bottom line in...
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