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  • This Stock Will Be A Disaster or a Massive Win

    I can’t decide it Cobalt International (CIE:NYSE) is one announcement way from being a five-bagger or one news release away from being a disaster. If a person knew which way this was going to go–there are some Big Fast Easy Capital Gains to be made. But I just don’t know...
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  • Follow the Smartest Man in Oil—Right into the Permian

    To say that it is a “buyer’s market” for oil and gas properties would be an understatement. If you want to buy production or land, prices have come down by half in many areas. This is like going fishing and having the fish swim up to your boat and beg...
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  • This Will Be The Lowest Cost Producer for the Next 76 Years

    I want to show you the true lowest cost natural gas producer in North America. I’m not exaggerating. I’m not guessing. The financial statements make it absolutely clear–this company has the best piece of land on the continent. That isn’t opinion; the hard data tells me that it is so....
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  • This Stock has 400% Upside in the Near Term—And I Can Prove It

    Imagine if you will a street on which there are three identical houses. I’m not talking about similar houses. Not houses that look kind of the same. I’m talking about identical houses. Built the same year, in the same condition, with the same design and square footage.  Even the colors...
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  • Why Natural Gas Prices Are on The Move

    WHAT’S HAPPENING IN THE NATURAL GAS MARKET? I’ve been buying natural gas stocks in 2016–for the first time in over five years.  In this short, 6 minute video, I tell you what’s happening  in the natural gas market in North America–where it’s come from since early 2016, what is driving...
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