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  • My Next Big Win—Right On Time

    My experience is that in the stock market, wealth is built in steps. My portfolio is flat for 12-18 months, and then a Big Win comes.  Flat again, then Big Win.  Repeat. (The hard part of investing is keeping that money, during the flat times.) Big Wins actually come along...
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  • What Went Wrong at Ultra Petroleum?

      By Bill Powers Which natural gas producers will make it through this winter of low prices?  I’ll tell you one that I think will survive….but first I’ll tell you one today that probably will not. Natural gas prices on the NYMEX dipped below $2/mmBTU in December 2015 for just...
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  • How to Connect With Success

    Meet the Energy CEO’s—for FREE—in Toronto on Saturday, March 5 One of the most difficult jobs of the year is selecting the companies to present at the Subscriber Investment Summit (SIS).  It’s because we want the best companies possible there. Companies like Canamax, which was bought out for a near...
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  • The Only Business Model That Works in Energy Now

    There are very few business models that work in the energy patch right now—especially upstream, where the producers are.  The industry produces too much oil globally and too much natural gas in North America—that oversupply has driven prices into the ground. Even in the downstream  markets—where the refineries are—they have...
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  • The Oil Data That Made No Sense

    Something Doesn’t Add Up In North Dakota’s November Production Report If you want to find buried treasure, you have to dig. And even then you may find the treasure chest is empty. That’s what happened to me this last two weeks as I realized one bit of oil data made...
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