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  • Where to Find Undiscovered Gems in Oil Stocks Now

    A Blueprint For Small Cap Oil and Gas Investment Success – Part 1 You only make Big Money on mis-understood investments. And now that the oil price has collapsed to the point where there is almost no meaningful cash flow, mis-understood investments are easier to find. That’s because the Market...
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  • What if Oil Is the Best Investment of 2015?

    Investors can’t say definitively that the price of oil bottomed in the third week of March, but some very recent data  released by the International Energy Agency (IEA) that supports the premise that a bottom is in.  More on that in a moment. From a low near $43 per barrel...
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  • How Can Oil Stocks Be Cheap AND Expensive

    Is it time for investors to load up on oil shares–or time to sell?  The answer is–it depends what metric you’re looking at.  On a cash flow basis, they’re expensive.  But based on Net Asset Valuations (NAV), they’re cheap.  How can oil stocks be both expensive and cheap?  I’ll tell...
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  • This Play is Big. This Play is Timely. This Play is FREE

    One of the largest undeveloped shale plays in the world will get its First Big Test next month–June—the Beetaloo Basin in northern Australia. It’s timely, it’s big, and for shareholders of Falcon Oil and Gas (FO-TSXv), it’s free.  CEO Philip O’Quigley (yes he lives in Ireland) has done a novel-worthy...
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  • The Market has Waited 3 Years to See This Drilled

    The Shale Revolution is strictly a North American game.  Before the Great Commodity Collapse of 2014, it really never found its footing anywhere else in the world. Of all the plays I looked and of the few I covered, only one showed any real promise—the Vaca Muerta oil play in...
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