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  • Investor Beware, 2P Reports for Tight Oil and Gas Plays Can Leave Out Key Information Part II

    In Part One of this series I introduced readers to “Kurt’s Bible” a great piece of energy stock investing wisdom written by Canadian energy analyst Kurt Molnar of Raymond James. In Part Two here, I want to warn energy stock investors of a huge risk that they are taking if...
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  • Why Don’t Your Stocks Go Up? You’re Asking the Wrong Questions

    Ever wonder why the stock of an energy company you love doesn’t go up? You’ve analyzed it and you think it’s undervalued. But the stock doesn’t go up. Well, I just finished reading one of the best explanations of why that happens. It’s a November 2013 report from oil and...
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  • Energy Sector to Finally Achieve Free Cash Flow

    Free cash flow in the North American energy sector is about to soar, and that trend should continue for the next 5-10 years—even with declining oil and gas prices—says US brokerage firm Raymond James (RJ). For investors, it could (should?) mean higher multiples as energy producers turn into more sustainable...
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  • The Debt Double Standard For Canadian vs American Energy Producers

    The 49th parallel isn’t just a border between Canada and the United States. It also represents an important line for the amount of debt investors are willing to tolerate in their energy producers. Investors and CEOs have both learned the hard way. Canadian producers with more than 2X debt to...
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  • Ethanol vs. Natgas—the Summer 2014 Duel

    How do you invest in the weather? When it comes to weather, what’s bad for natural gas is good for ethanol.  These two commodities are almost exactly opposite trades each summer.Hot weather–especially on the populated east coast–makes for lots of air conditioning demand in North America, which increases natural gas...
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LNG in British Columbia

Avalanche of Oil in North America

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