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  • The Great Race in the Oil Patch: Happening Now

    There’s a race going on in the oilpatch now to the bitter end—the end of the year. And it’s not being driven by economics.  It’s being driven by the REAL currency in the oilpatch: Reputation. The energy market is cyclical and all the veteran producers and bankers of the oilpatch...
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  • Tax Loss Digging Found This Gem

    There’s just one stock that interests me at this time of year. This is The Most Wonderfully Inefficient Time of the Year for the stock market.  It’s tax-loss-selling season. But I’m not running out buying any big basket of energy stocks.  The selling may be overdone, but it can stay overdone for...
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  • Donald Dony: Four Oil Stocks That May Have Bottomed

    by Donald DonyThe major decline in oil prices over the past five months has placed many securities into a freefall. The commodity-rich SPX/TSX, for example, has fallen 10.00% since September, putting into a bear market (Chart 1). Chart 1The TSX Energy sector has declined even further, cratering almost 40% bringing...
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  • The Very Bearish Case for Canadian Natural Gas

    Alberta Gas – All Dressed Up and No Place to Go? By Chris James, CFA Canadian natural gas prices could drop by well over half in 2015 as new pipelines allow very cheap Marcellus gas to flood North America says a November 4 report by Canadian brokerage firm Macquarie Securities....
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  • You Want to Know How to Time Energy Stocks?

    Opportunity Is Knocking In The Energy Sector – Are You Prepared To Answer? On July 8, 2014 I made an incredibly prescient investment decision. I didn’t know it at the time, but it was a huge moment in my investment career. That decision is documented in this e-mail that I sent to my...
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