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While several industry insiders have questioned the current perception that domestic oil production in the United States is thriving, a recent Forbes column argues that this skepticism is without basis.
The Canadian province of British Columbia recently declared that it will promote the liquefied natural gas industry as a means of giving a boost to the region.
An executive at an oil and gas company recently said that he expects the cost of drilling in North Dakota's Bakken formation to fall in the coming years.
Dear OGIB Reader, There are two trends in the Canadian energy patch in the last three weeks that have been making money for investors – but the question is, do they have legs? Can the uptrends continue? The first and most obvious is natural gas. After doubling in price between April...
On October 25, New York State Environmental Conservation Commissioner Joe Martens said his group won't be able to generate its report on drilling in the Marcellus Shale by November 1, creating uncertainty surrounding the timeline for issuing drilling permits for New York's portion of the Marcellus.
Oilfield-service company Western Energy Services Corporation (WRG:TSX) released its 2Q results indicating that revenue increased 142 percent from last year, and EBITDA rose 162 percent during the period.
One of the two most important technologies in the development of the natural gas market in the last few years is "multi-stage fracing" (pronounced "fracking"), which is short for fracturing, as in fracturing the rock in which the oil and gas is held.  (The other technology is Liquid Natural...
A shale gas and shale oil boom is anticipated in Argentina, where recent finds have set expectations high in the South American country.