Halliburton Exec Drinks New Fracking Fluid at Conference


An executive for Halliburton recently took a drink of new fracking fluid in a demonstration of the safety of the liquid used to extract natural gas from the earth.

Much has been made about the risks posed by fracking, properly known as hydraulic fracturing, which involves the use of liquids and sands to break open rock to release natural gas.

Some contend that the process can imperil drinking water but a Duke University study found that fracking itself does not pose risks and rather this potential contamination occurs because of shoddy well construction.

The actions of the Halliburton executive who took a sip of the company's new fracking fluid at an industry conference may further show the safety of the process.

"The thing I took away is the industry is stepping up to plate and taking these concerns seriously," Ken Carlson, Colorado State University environmental engineering professor, told The Associated Press. "Halliburton is showing they can get the same economic benefits or close to that by putting a little effort into reformulating the fluids."

The executive took a sip of CleanStim, which Halliburton says is made with ingredients sourced from the food industry.