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New Oil Stock Purchase for Portfolio

Today I bought an oil and gas stock that fits my criteria perfectly – debt free, proven management, and with a recent new oil discovery, enough undeveloped land they could increase production 3-4x over the coming 2-3 years without having to raise money or go into their untapped line of credit.  This company’s oil play is one of the most profitable I have ever seen.

Subscribers received an investment bulletin within minutes of my purchase with a brief explanation of the company, its prospects, and how much I bought at what price.

In the 2 months since the paid subscription service began, subscribers have had one stock has double for them, and two are up 30% (including TriStar, which is getting bought out almost 40% above my purchase price in just one month.

After an interim bulletin goes out on a portfolio purchase, I follow up with a more complete, 2-8 page report on the company in my next full issue.

To learn more about why I think my most recent investment will be a profitable one, join our growing community of subscribers.  I offer a risk-free three month refund guarantee on annual subscriptions.

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