Only Four People Can Move the Global Oil Market

I’ve got some data for you that is surprisingly bullish for oil. Even more surprising is what that data relates to, those bloated U.S. oil storage levels. The data I’m about to specifically shows you details the movement in amount of oil that the United States has in storage this year versus recent history. All […]

Lithium Prices To Stay High To 2024–UBS

LITHIUM PRICES TO STAY HIGH THRU 2024–UBS 85 page report suggests industry will remain highly profitable Lithium prices will remain well above historical levels thru 2024, UBS Securities said on Thursday June 15, as electric car batteries reach cost parity with ICE—Internal Combustion Engines—in mid 2018.  They suggest that will spark a huge increase in […]

Is Kinder Morgan Canada Now a Sucker’s Bet?

Kinder Morgan Canada – Is This Now A Sucker’s Bet? If the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion from Alberta down through B.C to Vancouver goes ahead as planned, then Kinder Morgan Canada (KML-TSX) will probably be a decent investment at current prices.  I run through some math with “one-foot-planted-firmly-in-the-air” below and come up with a potential […]


IS THE TIME RIGHT TO SHORT NATURAL GAS?   Is it time to short natural gas?  I think the time is close.  I got short UNG-NYSE yesterday–the very liquid natgas ETF. In last Thursday’s monthly EIA 914 report, US natgas production rose; in fact it was the biggest jump in production from the Lower 48 […]

You Don’t Have To Be Insane to Invest in American Energy…But It Helps

By Bill Powers “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein Therefore, energy investors in North America are insane. Cheap money (low interest rates) and high oil prices encouraged the drilling of many marginal plays from 2010-2014–causing a huge amount of energy bankruptcies after the oil price […]