The Most UN-Sustainable Dividends in the Market

What’s the most un-sustainable part of the global energy complex? Maybe you would say co-ordinated OPEC production cuts. Or perhaps you would bring up high growth rates of shale producers. If you talked about the lack of free cash flow among shale producers you would be getting warm… But for me, when I went looking […]

I Do NOT Want to Own This Stock For One Year

Investors don’t need to hire Sherlock Holmes to help them see what it did to the balance sheet of Cenovus (CVE-NYSE/TSX) after spending $17.7 billion to buy most of Conoco-Phillips (COP-NYSE) Canadian assets this week. It’s a whopper of a deal. In total what is being acquired adds 298,000 BOE/day of production for Cenovus. 178,000 […]

This Country Is Caught In A Catch-22 with Energy

Falcon Oil and Gas is in a “Catch-22” situation in Australia.  In fact, you could argue that natural gas consumers down the entire east side of the country is in the same “Catch-22”. A “Catch-22”—the name of the famous 1961 book by Joseph Heller—is “a dilemma or difficult circumstance from which there is no escape […]

Lithium Producers Can’t Expand Fast Enough To Meet Demand: An Interview With Orocobre Ceo Richard Seville

THE ONLY JUNIOR LITHIUM PRODUCER IN THE WORLD: OROCOBRE LIMITED (ORL-TSX)   I’ve been studying lithium all through 2016.  Lithium and lead are the key to renewable energy like wind and solar.  These “clean” power sources need enough power density in battery storage to make them economic on a large scale—and that will come from […]

OGIB Bulletin #61 BI-WEEKLY WRAP – JUNE 10 2011

XTREME COIL DRILLING GOLAR LNG LYNDEN ENERGY TAG OIL BORDER PETROLEUM COASTAL ENERGY CDN OVERSEAS PETROLEUM XTREME COIL DRILLING My full report on Xtreme Coil Drilling is complete and will be posted to the website on Monday after I see what all the analysts are saying after the June 8 conference call – l. But […]


TUSCANY DRILLING – TID-TSX Today I am putting 25000 shares of Tuscany Drilling into the OGIB portfolio at $1.11. This company is just over a year old, and is focused on drilling in Latin America, where they say drilling rates/profit margins are higher. The company has aggressively expanded in the last year, and raised lots […]