Are Ridesharing Stocks About To LYFT Off?


Everyone thinks Facebook is a great stock—and it is; the 10 year chart says so.

But investors are forgetting that Facebook stock stumbled badly after its IPO, losing almost 2/3rds of its opening day high of $45.  It took roughly 18 months for the stock to hit new highs—and then it never looked back, going to $218, or 1250% off the $17.55 bottom.  And it did that with almost no volatility!


UBER and LYFT are two disruptive leaders, like Facebook, that also stumbled badly in the public markets after their IPO.  They bled cash profusely in their first couple quarterly reports.

But clearly, things are changing.  Research notes from brokerage firms are noting how this competitive industry is now turning into an oligopoly of two—and this should be good for UBER and LYFT as pricing pressures ease.

Their charts are bottoming just as Facebook did in its first year.  It’s important for investors to understand one very important thing—these stocks don’t need good financials to soar higher: they just need less-bad financials.  Like oil in 2019—everybody hated these stocks.  That could set them up for a great 2020 with any hint of a turn-around.


Folks, oligopolies make a LOT of money. Now it could still be years before UBER and LYFT show positive cash flow.  But stocks will price that in well in advance of it actually happening.

The #1 problem for rideshare companies right now is: LACK OF DRIVERS. My favourite stock in this sector helps solve that problem.  They have a platform technology that they are exploiting like no one else.  And it’s all packed into a very tightly structured $50 million micro-cap.

It’s a high-risk junior, but if UBER and LYFT take off, so will this stock—quite possibly a multi-bagger if they execute properly just as these senior ridesharing stocks soar upwards.   It’s a very exciting time for this young company.  Get my report on it before it lyfts off!  Click HERE to learn more this offer which ends January 13th.