This Small-Cap Controls Some Of The Most Important Real Estate in Your Life


What is the #1 rule of real estate?

Location, location, location.

How about your smart phone? What is the most valuable real estate on your (and hundreds of millions of other’s) smart phone?

It’s the home-screen of course; the one you see as soon as your phone boots up.

Second question.  Who owns the prime real estate on your smart phone?

You, right?  Well, not really.  Actually, you are more like a co-owner – with your wireless carrier. How so?

Before you ever touch your phone, the carrier installs their software on the device.

This is software you can’t uninstall.  You can’t turn it off.

This software the pre-installs apps to your phone before you even get your hands.

It delivers ads, notifications and recommendations to you.

It can even create a library of content curated to what the carrier wants you to see.

Yet you don’t even realize it is there.

But it is – when you try out the apps that appear right there in front of you, or click on a notification that shows up in your stream, or consider the recommended content in a folder.

What you are really experiencing is the carrier monetizing their prime real estate.

I have found THE tiny company that builds that software.  It’s in my portfolio over at  It’s a smallcap stock trading under $10, and growing like crazy.

It’s up 29.8% since I bought it, but I think it’s going MUCH higher. I’m going to give you my report on it for FREE.

This company is the landlord that helps the carriers collect their rent.

They find the tenants (the app developers and advertisers).  They analyze the data. They create the tools.

The carriers – and this tiny little company – just sit back and collect their rent.

What is unbelievable is that this company is a small-cap. Some would call it a micro-cap.

Yet it provides the software that lets carriers monetize 100’s of millions of devices.

I’m not exaggerating.

Their software is probably on your phone right now.  You can’t see it. You can’t uninstall it.

But it’s there.  Delivering content to your phone – ads, apps, media – whatever the carrier wants.

This micro-cap controls the prime real estate on more than 250 million  Android devices globally – and is growing at 30+ per year.

And I think this company’s stock is a HUGE winner.  That kind of real estate portfolio just doesn’t go that cheap.  Get my FREE report on it by clicking HERE.

Why is it free? Because I want you to see my independent research at, and consider subscribing to my service.  But I understand you want to see what you’re buying.

This micro-cap is the #3 app on smartphones after Google and Facebook.  It controls what you see on smartphone home screens.  It’s growing, it’s cash flow positive and I think the stock will be a massive home run – get your FREE report by clicking HERE.


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