Guide to Investing in Oil and Gas – in Less Than 10 Minutes


The human race hit a huge milestone in June 2018–for the first time ever, we used 100 million barrels a day of oil. 

Demand is soaring because the world is growing more prosperous, especially in Asia.  And while there is still a lot of work to do, global prosperity has never flowed so freely to the world’s poor.

This is an empowering statistic.  It should also help buoy oil prices, and stock prices.  And that should attract a whole new group of investors.  But how do you make money in energy stocks if you don’t have time to do hours of research?

Great question, and here’s the answer–I’ve put together 6 short videos, all under 2 minutes in length, that explain the basics of the energy market to beginning investors.  I sat down with host Hannah Bernard of MarketOneMedia, and we talked about everything under the sun on energy.  Her team of post-production gurus crafted a few short clips that capture the essence of what I was trying to say.

In less than 15 minutes, you can get the trends, the context and the main news in energy for 2018.  I’ll be doing this again, so sign up my YouTube channel when you watch a video.

The NatGas Story of the Year in 2018 (100 seconds)
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The Two Big Factors in the Global Oil Market in the Next 12 Months (hint–they’re both bullish; 90 second video)
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The Four Key Factors In Buying Oil Stocks–with Special Emphasis on #1 (75 seconds)
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The #1 Thing Investors Miss When Reviewing Oil Stocks (60 seconds)
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How The Oil Market Has Changed in the Last Decade (75 seconds)
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The Two Big Differences Between Canadian Oil Stocks and US Oil Stocks (75 seconds)
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Those 6 videos are a great start for investors.  If you want help making money in energy, try a risk-free subscription to my independent research service by clicking HERE.

Enjoy your weekend,