How to Invest in Energy–for the Long Term


Whenever I can, I invest for the long term.

The reality is, oil and gas and ethanol markets are not only cyclical, but volatile within cycles.

So when I find a company that is

a)      Debt free
b)     Can be so profitable it can increase its dividend TWICE in 2016 so far
c)      Gives me exposure to not only traditional energy, but renewables

During a time of low energy prices…I buy it BIG.

I literally just bought more stock this week, in my 20 year old son’s retirement account.

With the benefit of compound interest and re-investing dividends, I know my son will be set up financially for life with this stock.

I’m taking a lot of the short term profits I’ve made in 2016 (over $20,000 a month so far) and buying this stock…again and again.

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