Goodbye Shale Revolution, Here’s the New Revolution


The Last Big Revolution in Energy in the 2000s was underground—The Shale Revolution.

The Next Big Revolution in Energy is above ground—The Smart Grid, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

What is a Revolution? It’s where disruptive change comes into a market, creating Big New Winners.

And that’s happening now with the US electrical grid.  The massive US utility network is figuring out how to meet society’s demand for more renewable power—wind and solar.

The utilities have to find the right business model to incorporate these—because they need to keep revenues up to replace a very old, rusting power grid.

These big, old, staid, utilities are getting pressured on both ends—as they get de-regulated, revenues are under threat as costs are going up.

They need help; they need innovation.

I wanted to find a company with a proven track record in helping these utilities adapt.  A company that increases their revenues, and helps them cut costs.

Not only did I find that company, I found they have:

  • unbelievably high margins on hardware
  • a super high margin recurring revenue stream from software sales
  • more than $80 million in net cash
  • contracts with some of the biggest utilities in America
  • leading edge technology that other companies are using; it’s becoming THE standard

The SmartGrid Revolution is where The Big Money is moving in energy.  This company is getting more than its fair share.  I’ve just recently started buying it.  It’s growing, it’s well funded and it’s sexy.  The Market will take this stock and run. Get the name and symbol RIGHT HERE, risk-free, along with my full report.