When I Read The Financials, I Blinked. Twice.


When I saw this energy company, I couldn’t believe it.  Here is a company with:

  • no long term debt
  • $30 million cash
  • growing EBITDA (cash flow)
  • When I rushed out to buy the stock, it was paying me a double digit yield.

That’s right—over 10%–on a payout ratio of under 60%.

And trading at just over 3x cash flow—when its peers are trading 8-10x?

How can that be?

I went to work.

I dived into this company’s financials. I read all the research from the Street—on it, and its competition.

I talked to the analysts.

I called management, and had a long call with the CEO.

And I’m so glad I did. Because this company checked out as one of my best investments for 2015.

You can read my full report—and the transcript of my conversation with the CEO—before shareholders receive the next juicy dividend.

And I’ll show you how to do it RISK-FREE.  All the details are RIGHT HERE.

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