Our Oil Reliance On Putin Is Scary — Our Food Reliance Even More Concerning


As I’m sure you noticed———the world has just changed.

For years now we’ve ignored the fact that Putin’s Russia is a threat. 

Reality has hit home.  Reliance on Russia for anything important is now a major concern for every Western Country.

The obvious problem is energy, but the role that Russian and Ukraine play in feeding the world is huge. 

Russia/Ukraine combine for a third of the world’s wheat and barely exports…….while Russia is the world’s single largest supplier of FERTILIZER.

No surprise then that fertilizer prices have skyrocketed since the invasion broke out.

Food prices are headed the same way.  Bloomberg indicates that wheat has traded between $3 and $6 per bushel for decades…..it is now over $13.

This is going to hurt us here in North America.  For developing countries the problem is much bigger——people are going to be priced out of the food market and human beings are going to starve.

If you think energy security and independence is important then how big of a deal to you think FOOD INDEPENDENCE is going to be going forward?

This invasion is going to continue to pressure prices of everything but beyond that the West had already realized that we need to have our own supply chain IN ALMOST EVERYTHING.

We need to get every ounce of food that we possible can out of our productive land but we can’t continue to blast that land with chemicals that are also destroying it.

Thus we come to our solution.

Bio-Fertilizers Are The Future

Microbial activity is essential to the soil.

Though we can’t see them in action without a microscope, beneficial soil bacteria are an active part of nutrient absorption and are spread within the soil. Without these microbes, the organic cycles that allow plants to naturally use nutrients will not work properly.

The use of synthetic fertilizers, fungicides, and pesticides destroys these bacteria over time.
Bio-Fertilizers do not.

Bio-Fertilizers are designed to restore the soil’s beneficial bacteria and microbial health. These biological fertilizers contain beneficial bacteria cultures and nutrient solutions to support both plant and soil health.

They are ideal substitutes for conventional fertilizers that have been causing soil degradation.

Bio-Fertilizers are substances that contain living micro-organisms, which colonize in the soil or interior of the plant.

Working with natural systems, rather than against, natural fertilizers feed the plant by feeding the soil. Think of using traditional fertilizers as a body-building steroid for the plant for that one season—but steroids can be harmful for human body builders (addiction/hair growth/mood changes/higher risk of infection).

Bio-Fertilizers are more like eating super healthy every day, and not using any steroids. Bio-Fertilizers leverage the soil’s biology help unlock nutrients that are tied up in the ground, improving ROI for farmers.

It works!  The key being the biochemical reaction that mimics the conventional fertilizer production process to deliver nutrients to the plant.

Regenerative fertilizer is the future.

The opportunity here is huge and it is an inflection point in the world of agriculture. 

Western countries simultaneously need to produce as much food as possible, domestically source as much fertilizer as possible and IMMEDIATELY find a replacement for the fertilizers that have massively degraded our essential topsoil.

My #1 junior stock is a fast growing fertilizer PRODUCER that comes complete with offtake agreements for every bit of BioFertilizer they can make for the next 5 years.

That means that as fast as they can produce it customers have already committed to buy it.

What an opportunity.  Insatiable demand for what you produce.  All that this company needs to do is ramp-up that production.
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