Why Billionaires Use This App to Track Canadian Stocks

A new tool helps TSX, TSXV, CSE and NEO investors profit and protect their downside. OGIB and InvestingWhisperer readers can get a $50 credit for the next 72 hours…
Trading Canadian stocks, especially micro-caps, can be incredibly lucrative. That’s because these young companies are often what I call One-Decision-Stocks. What I mean by that is–a micro-cap is out to achieve the Holy Grail in its industry; for resource stocks it’s a great drill hole. 
For tech stocks or other businesses, it’s that first validating purchase order, or a huge purchase order, or a strategic alliance. 
Whatever it is–these stocks sit in a very low-value purgatory until they achieve that Big Milestone. But once they do–they can go up 5-10x within weeks. CEO.CA makes setting up notifications for these One- Decision-Stocks really easy. 
And it’s WAY MORE FUN–it’s pretty stunning to me that other services don’t use visual market depth (really cool graphics!) and community to give value-add to their subscribers.
You get live real time quotes–not updated every 60 seconds–and a chat room community and colour coded stocks–with colour coded market depth–so you can see where the volume is in the market, and in individual prices.  You get insider trade alerts. You can filter out anomalous volume, halted stocks, and other things that micro-cap investors find useful.
The site now brings together a large community of investors with an impressive trove of market data in by far the fastest app on the market today. 
Billionaire Eric Sprott, 75, calls it his favorite due diligence tool. And he’s not alone. CEO.CA generated 25,000,000+ (twenty-five million) pageviews from 400,000+ investors in the past month–clearly a popular site with investors (quite possible THE most popular). The average session duration on CEO.CA is nearly thirteen minutes.
CEO.CA Live Market Depth

How I Use CEO.CA

I’m always working my network, reading, and doing fundamental and technical due diligence on new ideas. CEO.CA helps me with all of that.
All Canadian stocks have their own channels at CEO.CA/SYMBOL. Great Bear Resources (CEO.CA/GBR) is an example that was trending on CEO.CA as its Ontario gold discovery emerged, long before its shares climbed to nearly $20.
I look for stocks with quiet channels and credible posters, like our friend Eric Coffin (@HRA-Coffin on CEO.CA), who was one of the first to discover and publicly talk about GBR. Channels with high online counts and rampant cheerleading are often a sign a trade is getting crowded and it’s time to get out. 
My CEO.CA watchlist shows live prices for the stocks I’m following. I have a watchlist category for my top holdings, another for indices, and some by sector or backer (think–having a watchlist for Eric Sprott holdings). One very neat feature is that CEO.CA Pro can highlight which stocks have anomalous data or new activity–a great initial indicator that something big could be happening soon.
CEO.CA Pro provides news, quotes, insider trades, SEDAR filings and chat in one place:
In the classic 1987 movie, Wall Street, Gordon Gekko famously said, “The most valuable commodity I know of is information.”   Almost 35 years later, CEO.CA Pro is making Canadian market information more accessible than Gekko ever dreamed of.
It’s an invaluable tool to filter information in Canadian stocks. OGIB and InvestingWhisperer readers who sign up in the next 72 hours will receive a no obligation $50 credit. CEO.CA Pro is just $50/month plus exchange fees afterward. Cancel anytime.
CEO.CA founder Tommy Humphreys is an investor first: he understands his audience. 
Make this your One Decision today.
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