The Huge New Supply Lithium Supply About To Go Live



A huge new lithium source will get commercialized this year.  It’s so big, and so rich, I expect it to change the economics of this global industry.  It’s owed by a small company–Standard Lithium.

They have partnered with German giant Lanxess, who operates 3 bromine plants in southern Arkansas. The same massive source of bromine–they have been producing for 50 years and will produce for another 150 years–is called The Smackover Formation.  It’s also very rich in lithium.

Standard Lithium not only has a simple, low-cost method to extract lithium from Smackover brine.  I think they will be able to supply the majority of North American lithium needs within a few short years–they have a partner who will supply construction financing (Lanxess) and no permits are required to get into production–all the buildings will installed on Lanxess current facilities.   It’s a global game changer for the EV (Electric Vehicle) market.

CEO Robert Mintak and COO Andy Robinson explain how they solved the Smackover lithium puzzle so quickly and cheaply in the video below.  This will take you to my YouTube channel–please subscribe to it for this and future management interviews and stock picks.

This small cap stock has a disruptive technology in fast growing market segment, and a big partner to commercialize it quickly.  Please watch–as their pilot plants gets built this year I expect the Market to start pricing in the huge cash flows that await Standard Lithium in the years to come.

Std Lith CEO COO interview

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