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Uber’s losses keep growing… and this tiny company is sucking up all that cash

Uber’s losses keep growing… and this tiny company is sucking up all that cash

Uber lost $5.2 billion last quarter — and the CEO says they may NEVER make money.

Uber’s main competitor, Lyft, is also losing money.  In fact, NONE of the major rideshare brands—in Asia, Europe or the Americas—make money.

Still, these companies are booking billions of rides each year… and bringing in billions of revenue.

And the industry is still growing like crazy.

But where are all the profits?

Well, after years of research, digging into tiny companies, I’ve finally found the answer…

There’s a little-known company that is solving one of the biggest problems for Uber and Lyft.

And it’s vacuuming up the profits these companies are losing.

This company has grown 100% in the past year. And it’s poised to start gushing free cash flow (which should send the share price soaring).

Despite how incredible this company is (and how important it is to the ride-sharing industry), its stock is still under $5.

But I don’t think it will stay there for long.

In fact, I think the next corporate update will start this stock on a massive run as the multi-billion rideshare industry rallies around them, cementing them as the leader.

I’ll explain the company to you in detail, and how I found it.   Click here for the full story:

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