Misunderstood Stocks Give the Best Returns


Misunderstood stocks give investors the greatest gains.

Nobody understood ethanol when I bought Green Plains Renewable Energy in 2013 at $8.50.  The drought of 2012 had sent corn prices soaring, and sent ethanol stocks into the ground.

Everyone hated them.  Investors had been burned—like 3rd degree to their entire wallet.

But there were so many signs the turnaround was happening.

The USDA said the drought would decline dramatically in 2013 and the corn crop would be great.

Ethanol stocks started moving.  Every updated crop report sent GPRE higher—in 18 months it hit $45—a 5 bagger.

Oil is now that misunderstood trade.  Nobody believes.   Just yesterday, two of my technical gurus called for a quick and sharp pullback in oil.

But just like ethanol in 2013, the signs are there for all to see…but Market Psychology hasn’t changed yet.

I’ve been long oil for 6 weeks…and the stocks are just starting to move.

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Keith Schaefer