The Big Winner at the OPEC Meeting


The media said there was no winner at the June OPEC meeting held early this past week.

But there was—a big winner in fact.

OPEC producers didn’t win because they didn’t get a production-cap deal that would instantly give them a higher oil price.

Even the Saudis are now issuing multi-billion dollar bonds to keep their economy afloat.

Oil consumers didn’t win because the price of oil didn’t drop on this news.

But the low-cost western producer that not only makes great money at $45-$50 oil, but makes it so fast that it can still grow in leaps and bounds—they’re the winner.

I’ve been buying the stock for months, and I’m still buying it—because it’s making me money.

$45-$50/barrel is the sweet spot for my #1 Oil Stock—because it makes money like nobody else at this price.

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OPEC lost, but this stock keeps winning.

Keith Schaefer

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