How To Beat The Saudis At Their Own Game


We are now into Round 2 of the Global Oil War—where the Saudis maximize their revenue, and keep US shale producers—and their lenders—under the Saudi thumb.

But there are a few very smart men—and I’ll tell you about a few of them in a minute—who think the price war will be over within weeks.

They think global oil prices are on the verge of a huge run up.

If that happens, my #1 Oil Stock will make me rich…in a hurry.  But I’m not counting on any big rise in oil prices because this company beat the Saudis at their own game!

How can anyone do that—beat the Saudis? 

1. By drilling the same kind of reservoir the Saudis have.
2. By having the lowest cost production—possibly in the entire world.  Yes, they may even have lower cost production than Saudi Arabia.  I can prove it to you.  It’s not just me saying this—it’s independent reservoir engineers.
3. And by having no debt.  In fact, this company has a mountain of cash.

They don’t have to slow down production at all if they don’t want to.  With no debt, every dollar of cash flow can grow the company.

No debt repayments.  No interest payments.  Just keep making more money.

It’s my #1 Oil Stock, and now that the global oil price has bottomed and is moving up, the profits are rolling in.  Get the name and symbol—RISK-FREE—right HERE.

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