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Meet the Energy CEO’s—for FREE—in Toronto on Saturday, March 5
One of the most difficult jobs of the year is selecting the companies to present at the Subscriber Investment Summit (SIS).  It’s because we want the best companies possible there.

Companies like Canamax, which was bought out for a near double in December 2015.  And companies like Granite Oil, which increased dividends twice last year, and is likely the only junior producer trading at the same price now as it was in October at the Vancouver conference.  NexGen just announced one of the biggest uranium drill holes in history, and that stock has analyst targets at 3-5x its current price (and a great chart to boot!).

Meeting the CEOs, and other experienced investors, is how you Connect with Success at our Subscriber Investment Summit.

This year’s Toronto conference is Saturday, March 5th at the Toronto Hilton, downtown at the corner of Richmond and University. Click here to register today!

We have an incredible line up of energy CEOs attending. Here’s the list:

Michael Fallquist has grown Crius Energy Trust (KWH.UN-TSX; CRIUF-PINK) to almost 1 million customers from scratch in the last few years.  The company has NO DEBT, and pays a dividend. With only 17 million shares out, even a small increase in revenue can mean a big dividend increase.  All their revenue is in US dollars.  This energy retailer ticks all the boxes.

Ask Michael about his long-lasting residual payments on his solar sales, or how he benefits from declining energy prices.

Pat Ward’s Painted Pony Petroleum (PPY-TSX; PDPYF-PINK) will be the #1, fastest growing junior gas producer in Canada in the next two years, going from 16,000 boepd to 40,000 boepd in that time.  They’re well hedged, have no real development risk and give investors an incredible call on higher gas prices. Painted Pony has partnered with Altagas (ALA-TSX), whom I expect to be the first LNG project shipping natgas off Canada’s west coast.

Ask Pat and Jason about LNG and pricing, and breakeven levels.

Ian Telfer and Craig Steinke’s Renaissance Oil (ROE: TSX-V) was the only Canadian company to win any properties in the December 2015 Mexican auction.  They beat out the second place bids by only 2%!  They partnered with oil services giant Halliburton who does a lot of business in Mexico.

Ask Craig what he will be spending his $25 million in available capital on, and at what oil price he thinks he can get 1 year payback on wells.

Marc Murnaghan’s Polaris Infrastructure (PIF-TSX; RAMPF-PINK) is a most unusual energy producer because it knows exactly what price it will be paid for its energy for the next 10 years. The other interesting thing? They only have to drill a well every 2-3 years to keep production steady. Lowest decline rate in the world? Maybe. They produce 50 Megawatts of power from geothermal energy in Nicaragua.  PIF is having a big growth curve in 2016 with three new wells, and will be starting a dividend in Q3 this year.

Ask Marc and CFO Shane Downey how much they think they can increase their Free Cash Flow this year if these wells are successful.

You have many reasons to speak with Tamarack Valley (TVE-TSX; TNEYF-PINK) CEO, Brian Schmidt. You probably want to ask him how he gets such top performing wells out of Alberta’s giant Cardium play.  What does he do different?  How does he get such fast payback on wells with such a high percentage of natural gas?  Brian has been very active at CAPP—the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers—for years.  He is very well connected, incredibly knowledgeable and willing to share.   He’s also one of the most disciplined operators in the patch.

There is a simple question for Richard Thompson, CEO of Marquee Energy (MQL-TSXv; MQLXF-PINK)—how did you assemble such a large, contiguous package of low-cost, highly productive oil production just outside of Calgary in a hyper-competitive environment? It’s a great story, and tells you about the patience, diligence and deal maker in whom you are investing.  His Michichi play is already one of the top payback plays in Canada, but you should ask him how he’s reducing costs even more.

We keep the presentations brief, and the one-on-one time long—at the coffee breaks and during lunch so you can ask them questions directly, face-to-face.

You get to ask them anything you want—and get a sense of them as people.  Being around winners helps you find winners.

Come meet them NOW—right here:

Hilton Hotel – Downtown Toronto – 145 Richmond Street West
Saturday, March 5th, 2016 9 AM – 5 PM

Cocktail Reception to follow at the close

Connect with Success. Register today. Click here

(You have to pay $200 to enter the CAPP show in April to meet them, and here you get to do it for free.)