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In a Tough Market, I Own the Best

How many energy stocks are seeing their profit margins increase in this environment?

That’s exactly what I expect to happen when my favourite company announces their next quarterly in mid-August.

That’s right—the main product group for this company will almost certainly see a higher top line and bottom line in 2015.

Profit margins for their core business are increasing because demand for their products is increasing—despite $45-$50 oil.

AND I’m confident they are actually going to lower their debt this year.

All the while paying a 5% + dividend.

They’re able to do all this because

  1. they continually innovate, bringing new and improved products to market
  2. Management  owns a lot of stock, so that dividend is important to them
  3. They make money over the entire life of an oil well—get customer, sell to them for 20-40 years.


In this market, you only own the best.  This leader is still expanding its reach—and its profits.   The next earnings call is mid-August. Get my updated report—risk-free—with the name and symbol of this stock before then—CLICK HERE.

Keith Schaefer


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