Oil and Gas–in the Bahamas?


The Biggest Wins in the Market either come from

a) buying the leaders in an industry and staying with them
b) turn-around stocks–typically broken companies on the mend – and unique, high-growth small-cap stocks.

There’s another newsletter that specializes in this—very successfully.  It’s Fabrice Taylor’s President’s Club.  For the last five years, he has developed a remarkable track record in finding forgotten or undiscovered companies whose revenue and cash flow are soaring.

He’s going to share that knowledge at his very first conference, November 6-8 in Nassau, Bahamas.  I’m going–to hear and meet with Fabrice directly–and also listen to a few of Canada’s top small cap fund managers explain their expertise, and hear their top junior stock picks.

I suspect many of the CEOs of those stock picks will be attending as well–Fabrice has organized 35 CEOs from the best micro-and small cap companies on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

You will hear presentations from some of the best money managers in the country, including Jason Donville, Bruce Campbell and JF Tardif.

I will also be presenting, and I will be available to you Nov 6-7 for one-on-one questions and talks. (That’s the only oil and gas you’ll ever see in The Bahamas ;-))

I want you to join me.

It will be an invaluable 3 days of learning and networking with some of the brightest and most diligent minds on The Street—mixing with the top management teams.

Make no mistake, this is a very exclusive conference.  Yet the conference is FREE to attend for investors and most meals are covered by the sponsors.  This conference turns investing work into fun.

These destination conferences are where investors make the best contacts.  And I can tell you from experience, you get a lot more colour and detail on your investments–meeting management in person–than you do reading press releases or conference call transcripts.

Fabrice has a great niche.  He’s a CFA, and get ahead of sell-side analysts if he believes in a story.

Canada’s national newspaper, The Globe and Mail, co-sponsors this conference.  That’s a great endorsement of Fabrice’s talent.

Over these three days you will meet 35 of the best small, high-growth companies in Canada, including a few private companies with go-public plans (a link to the list of companies is below).

Exclusive, yet FREE.

Just sitting next to one of our speakers at dinner or lunch would be an invaluable education in investing. And you’ll learn timeless business lessons in general by rubbing shoulders with our entrepreneurs in a relaxed setting.

The event will be covered by The Globe & Mail and other media.

Also, if you’re an entrepreneur looking to raise your company’s profile, we still have a few spots available.

Who should attend:

1) individual investors and institutions interested in the small-cap space, brokers, portfolio managers, financial media and family office representatives.
2) companies who feel now is the time to put their securities (shares, debt instruments) on the map. We will put 2 million eyeballs on your story.

Space is limited and filling up fast.  Exclusive yet FREE.

You can book online at:  www.presidentsclubconference.com  OR  contact Nadine at: nadine@thepresidentsclub.ca or call her at  1-647-202-5292.

I hope to see you there!

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