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My Top Out-of-the-Box Trade Idea for 2015

Oil and gas producers are among the least profitable sectors in the energy world—yet they gain the most attention.

And they’re cyclical—you have to trade them.  They had a great two year run from 2009-2011, then were the wrong place to be for two years, but the Polar Vortex of 2014 gave them great legs through the rest of last year.  Now…well, you know.  It’s not pretty.

That’s why I’m constantly looking at other sub-sectors in the global energy world.

In December 2010, I had great success with an LNG shipper, Golar LNG, (GLNG-NASD) which ran from $15-$48.

In 2012, I invested in a new refinery IPO called Northern Tier (NTI-NYSE) that ran from $18-$32.  In 2013, ethanol stocks turned around, and I caught the wave with Green Plains (GPRE-NASD) going from $9-$45, and in 2014 Pacific Ethanol (PEIX-NASD) going from $3-$23.

There is ALWAYS good money to be made in energy.  You just have to be willing to think outside the box.  Very few subscribers bought Green Plains because they didn’t know anything about ethanol.  Fair enough, but when conventional ideas like junior producers aren’t working, you have to research other areas.

That’s what I do.  In fact, my out-of-the-box ideas have been the best of my 6 year career at OGIB.

My Top out-of-the-box idea hit a new high this week, up over 20% since I bought it this summer.  Like the ethanol stocks, this company is a turn around that is now printing money like never before.  But it doesn’t rely on high commodity prices…and that’s just what the Market is figuring out.

The new high should tell you something.  Don’t miss out on The Out-of-the-Box Trade of The Year.  Click here and let the burgeoning cash flow of this company work for your portfolio.

Keith Schaefer


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