My Biggest Position of 2015


Dear OGIB subscriber,

I don’t often write my readers with this level of urgency.

But recently I came across a situation so profitable and so pressing…

I did 2 things right away.

1. I put $400,000 of my own money on the line in this single investment idea.

2. I dropped everything at once to rush you the research on this opportunity.

What is it, exactly?

In short, it’s an “energy loophole” I’ve discovered.

And it’s been green-lighted – in a highly unusual move – by one of the biggest, most controversial corporations in the world.

You can get my brand-new write-up here. 

But before you do, I want to be very clear…

I strongly believe this is a once-in-a decade opportunity.

I see it as my “retirement” stock — paying me huge dividends for a long, long time.

And as I’m about to show you, this small company’s revenue and cash flow is about to go through the roof…

All thanks to my “energy loophole.”

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You won’t hear about it anywhere but here.

Kind regards,

Keith Schaefer
Editor, Oil & Gas Investments Bulletin