Tax Loss Digging Found This Gem


There’s just one stock that interests me at this time of year.

This is The Most Wonderfully Inefficient Time of the Year for the stock market.  It’s tax-loss-selling season.

But I’m not running out buying any big basket of energy stocks.  The selling may be overdone, but it can stay overdone for a long time.

There’s one company in this sector that is NOT a commodity.  They have a unique business model.  It gives them an edge.

In fact, I think they are likely the only company in the sector that sees higher revenues in 2015 than 2014.  AND they have the best profit margins I see in the sector—anywhere.

The Big Difference for this company? Time is on their side.  You see, the energy producers have to fight natural declines in their wells.

This company actually sees demand naturally increase year over year.

That’s where I’m putting my money.  And even though I’ve got a lot of it in cash right now, I’m only buying one.  Read about it right here

+Keith Schaefer