I’m Keith Schaefer, your editor. Our new online service – Oil and Gas Investments Bulletin – is designed to provide investors with easy to read, independent research on junior and intermediate oil and gas companies that can provide strong investor returns.

There is a great opportunity in energy stocks right now, as both commodity prices and stocks have been decimated.  But investors must be cautious, as there is still more pain to come. Many companies have large amounts of debt combined with lower cash flows this year.

We research TSX and TSXV-listed oil and gas companies who are successful – management teams who have shown they can build a business and consistently create shareholder value.   We hope you can profit from our in-depth company reports.

So each month subscribers will receive detailed information on one or two new companies who are proving to their investors they can not only survive during times of low commodity prices, but grow. If these stocks get a lift from a rising commodity price, great, but they are all growing producers with cash flow.

We are 100% subscriber based and receive no compensation of any kind from any company (see disclaimer). Our integrity is our bond with subscribers.

We interview management, use our contacts in the oil patch, run our own financial models, talk to the analysts and put it all together in a simple format for subscribers. There will be some technical data, but we translate it so it’s informative and easy to read. You’ll understand why we like a company, and what the potential pitfalls are (every company has one or three…).

I will also blog a couple times a week on global energy issues to breaking news on the key statistics that drive energy prices, and relate that back to retail investors.  The real question is, how does the news affect your portfolio?

But our core mission is selecting oil and gas companies that can be profitable investments for our subscribers.

Please visit often. Our first issue will be February 21, 2009.  We will post one stock pick as a free example, and offer monthly and annual pricing.  Of course at any time if you feel you are not getting value for money, we will ensure you leave us happy and with a pro-rata refund.

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I hope you join us