Testing is MORE Important As We Start To Gather


Testing Is MORE Important as
We Start to Gather
Simple Seamless & Safe

Even with MANY vaccines, people will have to get up-to-date COVID testing for YEARS.

People will still be concerned for a LONG time—there are several COVID-19 variants already. Vaccines will have to keep up (the good news is that current vaccines are working for all variants, but not always to the same 99% effectiveness).

The Big 3–Government, Industry and Labour—will continue to demand up-to-date screening and testing for travel, work spaces and entertainment.  The liability of NOT having this will be huge.  Nobody can afford to be seen to be lax; it would be a PR and business disaster.

So that means that even with multiple working vaccines, there will still be billions of COVID tests administered every year—for at least SEVERAL years.

In fact, to get back to “normal”—where tens of millions of people travel, or go watch little Johnny play hockey…there could literally be billions every month.

This is an entirely new global industry springing up almost overnight. It’s overwhelming, but positive in that this will allow people to get back to a semblance of “normal” life.

And of course, somebody is going to make a lot of money on all this. 

Well — I’ve got BIG NEWS coming for you tomorrow. 

I have found a COVID test solution company not only can accurately reads EVERY different lateral flow COVID test out there—in minutes—but can also automatically upload those results to The Cloud, available for you to show any venue/business that you want to enter—on demand.

This is a proven product and software, developed in the West but proven out during the Ebola pandemics in Africa. It is now ready to be used by industry here in North America.

It has been given the stamp of approval by the United States Department of Defense who said that this on-site testing solution is AS ACCURATE than lab testing.
What has me impressed more than anything—the technology is so recognized and advanced that the small cap company driving it now is being invited in by The Big 3 to help create a simple, seamless and safe testing system. 

Even at just a couple bucks per test, the value of such a system isn’t in the hundred of millions…it is in the billions.

You get the name and ticker of that company tomorrow.  Today I want to make sure you understand how big of a gamechanger this COVID testing technology platform is for all of us. 

We need faster and more accurate COVID testing NOW.  And we need to be able to keep track of it and prove to others we are up to date.

I’ll start with air travel, as it has the most glaring need for a solution like this.  But think of 70,000 seat soccer and football stadiums. Resorts, public beaches, factories, large offices—this solution is needed EVERYWHERE.

Ok, so most countries are now rightly requiring a COVID test from all arriving passengers.  With all the COVID variants popping up, a simple proof of vaccination won’t be good enough for a few years.

But the pre-flight testing process is still logistically painful, not very accurate and full of holes.  A passenger gets tested 24 to 72 hours at a lab before flying.  If the results are on time, the error rate on testing is still roughly 10 – 23 percent.

First off, society needs an accurate test done in minutes, not days.  Second, a digital record of those test results could be available to you so you don’t have to get a new test every time you want to do something new.

Online up-to-date COVID test data would allow you to enter your leaving and arriving airport, and your hotel and restaurant that night–so you don’t have to get multiple tests done. Everyone knows you are safe.  Think about that. 

How much easier would you breathe knowing that you and those around you don’t have COVID…knowing that their vaccine is working?

Ongoing testing will be our reality for several years—even with a vaccine.

Our challenge is making it simple, cheap and accurate. The stock with that solution –that’s being invited in by The Big 3—is tomorrow’s story. 

This solution can read every kind of lateral flow COVID test. Humans can read the test but they make mistakes.  This the device reads the test—in two minutes.  So there is computer accuracy and minimal human error.  It’s faster, as accurate and less expensive. 

And it can be done on-site, anywhere, by anyone capable of swabbing a nose.  It takes almost no training to operate.

The test results can be uploaded into a database—with all the requisite privacy laws—so that the airline knows you are COVID free.  Immigration at the other end knows you are COVID free.  And you know every other passenger on the plane is COVID free.

There is no system like this today.  But as The Big 3 develop it, this company’s technology is ready to be the backbone of it.

This solution is better in every possible way. The testing is cheaper, faster, as accurate and can be done at high volume by staff with minimal medical expertise.  And most importantly this company is being invited in by The Big Boys.

The process is so simple and so MUCH BETTER than the testing that is now being done.  That is why this COVID solution is going to be going everywhere.

Taking Air Travel
From Painful And Scary
To Simple And Safe

With this company’s COVID solution here is what it is going to look like for a traveller….

They walk into a testing room in airport right before their flight and sit down on a chair.  Get a 2 minute nasal swab and boom — they are done. 

The test gets a barcode. The test cartridge gets popped into the device, read and results are immediately uploaded to the Cloud and your boarding pass is updated on your cell phone. 

Full circle we are talking 20 minutes between testing and you having updated results on your phone

This device is completely de-risked because it has been used literally a million times before dealing with Ebola, HIV, and malaria in Africa.  This device and this technology is NOT new.  It’s proven.  And this micro-cap has it for COVID.

The Big 3 are trying to figure out a low-impact, fast process that allows air travel to happen almost as seamlessly as before.  This company’s system has the hardware, the software and the track record to make that a reality—quickly.

This company’s system allows for many different groups to communicate, avoid duplication and streamline an air travel process that would have passengers and regulators happy.

It is low-impact, accurate, fast and cheap.  It’s a no-brainer solution for everyone involved.  That’s probably why this company is getting a lot of attention from The Big 3. It works now and is fully ready to roll. 

All airports will have to be part of this sooner rather than later.  The Government, airlines, airports, travellers, medical professionals… are all pushing for this kind of solution to be in place NOW!

It gives lab quality analysis at the point of test and can be administered by people with minimal training..  It’s a universal device that works with all lateral flow COVID tests.  That’s important, because there are going to be a lot of tests out there.

And like I said before ALL OF THIS IS PROVEN.

The Scale Involved Is Massive
And Much More Than Airports

250 million people travel by air to and from the United States each year.  It is realistic to believe our future is going to require that every one of those travellers needing a COVID test.

Not just the United States mind you.  Every country on the planet are going to be requiring the same thing.

This is where we are headed.  Just as airport screening was changed post 9-11, COVID testing on-site is going to become part of normal airport routine in the years ahead.

And we aren’t even just talking about flying country to country.  The CDC (Center for Disease Control in Atlanta) is considering mandating COVID testing for domestic flights as well.  And why wouldn’t they if the want to get this pandemic under control? 

If that happens we are talking billions of COVID tests being required.  Even at a couple bucks per test net to this company—that’s A LOT OF MONEY!!

That is the scale I’m talking about for this COVID solution. The demand for on-site or just-in-time  testing is incredible.  And the quick test, along with the system that could application of the technology–extends FAR beyond air travel. 

Want to get people back on cruise ships?  Rapid, accurate screening and testing at the time of boarding would do it. 

How about a football game with 70,000 people?  A little nose swab and a few minute wait to get in wouldn’t be a big deal.  Again the NFL, NBA, NHL, and every professional league in the world would be all over it.

How about a production plant with thousands of employees?  The unions are going to want this testing in place to protect workers.

But with this solution, testing could be minimized because of the secure online storage of your testing database.

Rapid Diagnostic test are fast, cheap and easy to use but they manual, error prone (false diagnosis) and don’t allow for automated data control.  This solution does that.

This proven, ready-to-go technology solution is THE GAME CHANGER; the enabler.

Zoom Let Us Work From Home –
This Lets Us Get Back Together

We stayed at home and worked through zoom.

We are going to get back on planes, go to concerts, watch our favorite teams play in person and feel secure at work because of the COVID testing solution I’m going to introduce you to tomorrow.

I’m not just excited for the stock.  I’m excited for how the technology is going to change the world –– get us back to normal faster and make testing safer and simpler.

This is the rapid, accurate, COVID testing solution that we have needed since the pandemic began. 

Look folks, the technology works.  That’s not the issue.  The issue with many of these junior tech stories is channel-to-market.  That’s THE BIG THING—how do they sell it; how do you get the early adopters to come in.

This company is being invited in by the powerful groups on the front line of this crisis!  Wait until you read my story tomorrow.


The solution is such a step change for society…

1 – Can be done on-site and not 24 hours before your arrive somewhere at a different location
2 – Can handle screening and testing large numbers of people in a small window of time
3 – Can automatically upload those test results to a database that could be shared between parties (ie. Between a departing airport and an arriving airport)
4 – Is more accurate because it removes human error
5 – Is less expensive
6 – Does not require any kind of medically trained professional to operate

Our current best testing options do not tick any of those boxes.  What this company has ticks all of the boxes.

This company is now being invited in by The Big 3 to help develop an air-travel system.  That means this

COULD (nothing is a given) become an entrenched supplier in North America QUICKLY.

The scale here is huge.  We are talking hundreds of millions of COVID tests per year–maybe more.

Airports, yes of course.  But also sporting events, concerts, big workplaces, hospitals, seniors homes, everywhere.  Mass testing, instant results.

And despite being a step-change in terms of a solution it doesn’t increase the cost of testing…..the automation reduces it.  There is no reason that every airport in the world isn’t going to be screaming to get this solution in place immediately.

All that had to happen was for the solution to makes its way through the North American red tape and get in front of the right people.

This is A Big Moment in allowing large and SAFE gatherings of people.

This company could hold one of the keys for life getting back to normal.

Do not miss this one.  Tomorrow I tell you everything.