Insiders Bought Nearly 9 Million Shares of This Gold Stock–Because It’s The Cheapest Million Ounces In Nevada



And With Good Reason–It’s the Cheapest Million Ounces In Nevada!!!

What is the most tell-tale sign that a stock of a junior gold mining stock is going higher?
Insider buying—by a long shot.  Obviously a good drill hole, a jump in the price of gold etc makes a stock go up as well…but everyone can see that.

Insider buying is a little more discreet.   But it’s a number that can help investors get a leg up on finding The Next Big Winner.

The insiders at this Nevada junior gold miner have been buying shares in the open market at a furious pace. 

Upper management has been using their own hard earned money to buy stock in this Nevada junior miner month, after month, after month.

The buying has been relentless.  The numbers involved are truly shocking.

This is one of the most bullish things I’ve ever seen in my 30 years in the junior mining sector.

Over the past 12 months insiders have purchased—get this…..nearly 9 MILLION SHARES of this junior Nevada gold stock—in the open market

That’s right.  I said nearly 9 MILLION SHARES.

There’s a good reason for this—many in fact.  But the most important are:
  1. There’s already 1 M oz of 43-101 compliant gold.  Real ounces. Not gold equivalent.  They see their peers valued 5-10x higher—and they think their stock is a steal at these prices.
  2. The man guiding their drill bit already has FIVE multi-million ounce Nevada discoveries to his credit—and they ALL turned into operating mines.
  3. Their own drills start turning this month—September.
All of this stock has been acquired by top management with their own after tax dollars……and I’m not talking about a junior gold miner with a big messy share count where 9 million shares is a drop in the bucket. 

This junior miner has a tight share structure.  There are big, big dollars being invested here by the people who know the company the best.

Insiders have literally been buying every single share that they can get their hands on. 

As the great Peter Lynch said—after driving the Fidelity Magellan Fund to 30% annualized returns over his tenure:

There are many reasons that insiders sell stock, but only one reason that they buy…… is because they believe those shares are soon going to go a lot higher.”

We investors are always looking for an advance sign, a tell-tale signal says a publicly traded stock is an incredible bargain. This relentless buying spree by management is clearest signal that we are ever going to get.

This is a Five Bell Ringing Buy Signal if there ever was one.

Insiders clearly believe that this stock has both value and upside.

Now just wait to you learn who the insiders are…

He Has Already Found FIVE 1,000,000+ Gold Ounce
Deposits In Nevada (ALL Are Mines!)

I don’t care who is doing it, a management team purchasing this many shares of their own company in the open market (no free-ride warrants!) with their own money is something you can’t ignore.

But this team’s track record is THE BEST.  Who else has found FIVE Nevada gold deposits that all went to production? Who has made shareholders more money than this team?  And this—which I think will be Mine #6—is trading for pennies.

I’m buying—more and more—of this stock just based on management’s track record in discovering gold in Nevada.

This team is led by the man who would be everyone’s first choice to put in charge of a Nevada gold miner looking to make a big discovery. 

He is an encyclopedia of Nevada gold mining. He has worked on 285 different Nevada projects.

Over the past five decades he personally has made more 1 million plus ounce Nevada discoveries than any man walking the planet…FIVE in total.  Look at this resume!

I strongly believe the core asset of this Nevada junior will be #6.  There’s already 1 M oz compliant gold (well over 1 M if you count gold equivalent ounces) here at #6.

If I would have known about this team and this stock a year ago, I would have bought a lot more stock  along with management!  And this stock would not be trading for pennies now if I did!

This man is already sitting on another million ounce Nevada gold mine—that’s our starting point folks!–and the stock market hasn’t factored a fraction of what the assets are worth.

And the drills start turning in days to grow that resource.
The Company Trades MUCH Below Peers
On a Per Ounce of Gold Basis
I have beat the drum HARD on Nevada gold plays.

Nevada plays get the highest valuation of anywhere in the world—so that’s where the best leverage is for investors.  If a company makes a discovery in Nevada, shareholders make a lot more money than if the property is in Uzbekistan.

That’s because Nevada operators have social license and a mining friendly government. 

Here’s how cheap the valuation is compared to other Nevada juniors with 43-101 compliant resources:

That is a NINE-BAGGER just to get to peer average—and not counting imminent exploration on known gold bearing targets.

That’s all the info I need to own the stock.  
  1. Huge insider buying over the last year
  2. A legend with FIVE Nevada discoveries that all made it production
  3. 1 M oz gold that is already 43-101 compliant
  4. The cheapest 1 M oz that I see anywhere—by a wide margin!
But it gets even better…

All This—And It’s a Junior With Cash Flow

There is one more extremely attractive and unique attribute that this Nevada junior has.  Despite having all of this upside they also already have cash flow.

How is that you say?

This is a very smart management team.  They actually have a large portfolio of gold projects and have high-graded them top to bottom.

What they think is the best, they keep for themselves, 100%.  But others they  “farm” them out to partners who agree—yes these are still great assets and we will pay you for the privilege of drilling them.

Get this—there is over $2 million coming in—in the coming 12 month period! That means their G&A and much of the exploration for investors is FREE!

That non-dilutive capital helps keep the share structure tight—and makes the large insider position worth a lot more.

The model is brilliant and I love it…but that’s just the icing on the cake.  The reason that management is so bullish on their own stock is…they believe their company’s main asset is going to be a major Nevada gold mine.

The 43-101 compliant resource is nearly 1 million ounces.  As I mentioned, on that resource base alone the stock is trading at one-ninth of where peers trade.

The Catalysts For The Stock Start……NOW!!!

The market for junior gold miners was dead for years heading into 2019.  

This team laid low, spent no money and farmed out assets to raise cash. And they quietly bought stock in their down deal—a lot of it.

The quiet period ends now.

Starting in September this company will start drilling. It is going to make a lot of noise. This is going to be another one of these well-run junior gold stocks that puts years of work into suddenly looking like an overnight success.  Think about Vizsla when I told it to you at 40 cents, or Kodiak Copper at 45 cents.  Those stocks had HUGE runs on drilling success (both up 500%!).

By the way—this junior gold stock did NOT run up yet this year—the chart is still basing.  And technicians say–the longer the base, the bigger the move.

I’ll say it again — this management team is smart.  There was no sense posting great drilling results into a dead gold market.  Prior to last year nothing was being rewarded.

In 2020 great drilling results get rewarded immediately in the stock market.

That is why this team is switchin from defense to offense. 

Do Not Miss My E-Mail Tomorrow Morning!!!!

I am really excited about this stock.  To find all this in such a tiny market cap that has not run even a bit yet…that’s juicy.  It reminds me of my write ups on Prime Mining and Fosterville South—both HUGE winners this year—way before drill results. 

There will be MANY catalysts starting now for this junior Nevada gold explorer…both in the short term and the long term.

The very first catalyst is my email tomorrow, giving you the name and symbol of this surprisingly unknown company—and the Nevada legend behind it, who already has FIVE million ounce plus gold deposits to his name.

Tomorrow I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about this stock.
  • The name and specific track record of the Nevada legend who is making this project his final big winner
  • Details of the core asset that I believe will quickly become one of Nevada’s multi-million ounce gold mines
  • Full analysis of the incredibly discounted valuation that the shares of this company trade at relative to its competition; this is the cheapest million ounces of gold in Nevada BY FAR
  • A look at the unique cash flowing farm-out business plan involving the other assets
  • And of course the name and ticker of this stock
Make sure you are watching your inbox tomorrow morning.

Truly our only risk here is the company getting taken out before the full extent of this big project is revealed.

Insiders loaded up with 11.5 million shares—nearly 9 million of it in the open market!–using their own cash.  The market is about to learn why…