This Man Made Me The Most Money in 2017


Editors Note: OGIB subscribers have had a great couple months, with stocks like Viper Energy (VNOM-NASD) GeoPark (GPRK-NYSE) and Athabasca Oil (ATH-TSX).

But my colleague Paul Andreola, editor over at sister-publication SmallCap Discoveries has had a phenomenal run in the last two years, with several 10-baggers including Lite Access (LTE-TSXv; 25 cents – $3.75 over 18 months) and Hamilton Thorne (HTL-TSXv; 10 cents – $1.10 in a year).  His most recent win was a double in Viemed (VMD-TSX)—in just three months!

Paul has a new stock pick—and I haven’t seen him this excited for a long time.  He convinced me to buy into his enthusiasm, and his pitch was simple:

  1. New management has come into this stock
  2. They quickly found customers willing to pay TEN TIMES what they were previously charging for their service
  3. Hence, revenue for this micro-cap company is about to SOAR.

Paul does exhaustive research.  He meets with management, and studies the macro. 

Paul made me more money in 2017 than anyone.  He was #1 for that year.  And now we are on our way again with his new stock pick.

Please have a quick read of his more detailed pitch here—and then I strongly urge you to sign up for his newsletter before word gets out on his new favourite stock.

By Brandon Mackie, co-editor

It’s highly likely that right now, walking among us, is the first person who will live to 200. It could even be you.

It’s all thanks to a Big Idea called Immunotherapy. This is a breakthrough idea that uses your body’s own immune system to fight disease.

It’s the biggest mega trend to hit the medical industry in the last 100 years. Big Pharma knows it. And they are putting billions behind it.

It has the promise to cure almost any disease. But finding these drugs is like finding a needle in an ocean.

So any company that can help Big Pharma find these drugs is going to win millions of business.

And any company that does it faster than competitors is going to win hundreds of millions. Maybe even billions.

We’ve done exhaustive research — and found THE one company best positioned to get this business. Get the name and symbol right HERE.

This company has  the industry’s first full-service antibody discovery model. Here’s what management told us that means:

“We can help our clients find the cure for cancer 40% faster than anybody else.”

NO other company can say that. And no company in the world comes close to matching their capabilities.

Big Pharma has listened up.

Their phone is now ringing off the hook from CEOs of the biggest pharma companies in the world. Merck. Pfizer. Johnson & Johnson.

Their only question — how much business can you handle?

Projects were priced at $15,000 each. Now they are starting at $700,000. No, that’s not a typo.

Oh and this company did a paltry $1.7 million all of last quarter. Virtually none of this has shown in the financials.

We think this company will increase revenues TEN TIMES 2019 over 2018.

Investors have no idea this opportunity exists. But in a few quarters, it will be too late. The secret will be out.

This company has two large competitors. The first is Samsung Biologics — trading at 116.2x revenue.

The second is Wuxi Biologics. It trades at only 69.5x revenue.

This company’s valuation? A puny 5x revenue…

It’s small — for now. No analysts cover it. No institutions own. That will change VERY quickly.

So don’t delay. We’re making this exclusive report available to a select group of people today—our subscribers.

We are opening up our service to new subscribers—like YOU—so you can discover this stock
before the institutional crowd does.

You see, that’s what we do—it’s ALL we do—our mission is scouring the smallcap world to
find stories just before or during their big revenue jumps.

Our last biotech idea has returned 710% since we brought it to our subscribers. We think the potential of this idea is FAR greater.

This is one of the greatest investment opportunities we have uncovered in our lifetimes. And our exclusive report can be yours today. Just click HERE.

To your wealth,

Paul & Brandon

Keith Schaefer