The Most Boring Commodity Has The Most Upside


Sometimes finding the next big opportunity requires nothing more than common sense.

By 2018 frac sand demand in the United States will have tripled from 2016.

Common sense is all you need to know that this will be very good for frac sand stocks.

That is simple economics.


It really is very simple.

As demand for frac sand doubles—volumes and cash flows for frac sand companies will also double.

And that’s just if frac sand prices stay flat.  What if frac sand prices double—I mean, that is the law of supply and demand.  Prices go up if demand overwhelms supply.

While there are new frac sand mines coming online next year, they don’t come close to meeting demand.

If volumes AND prices double—the cash flow for frac sand suppliers should jump 4x.

We all know that cash flow drives stock prices in the energy sector.  So if cash flow goes up 400%, shouldn’t the stocks of these companies see A Big Run?

I have no doubt that any of the frac sand stocks are “buys” right now.

But I don’t get paid to find ‘any’ stock—my job is to find The One With The MOST Upside.

I want to find the least known, fastest growing producer with great management that is ideally located very close to the Permian Basin in west Texas.

That’s because…

Frac Sand Demand In The Permian Is Growing Much Faster

Across the entire United States frac sand demand is expected to double by 2018.

The rates of growth across different regions are very different.

In the Bakken and Eagle Ford production and drilling have been falling.


Common sense tells us that frac sand demand will be slower in those plays.

That means that frac sand demand must be growing much faster somewhere else.

It is, and that somewhere is the Permian Basin.

The chart above from Pioneer Resources (PXD-NYSE) sows that Permian production has kept chugging higher despite the collapse in oil prices.

Common sense tells us that frac sand demand in the Permian will be much greater than the rest of the US.

The Obvious Investment – Get Long Permian Frac Sand Providers

The rate of frac sand demand growth in the Permian is going to be incredible over the next three years.

What we need to own in order to profit from this is very obvious.

A frac sand provider that focuses purely on the Permian.

Simple enough right?

I’ve found The One.  Since it is unknown the stock is ludicrously cheap for the Permian focused growth that the company has in front of it.

In fact, there was just a buyout last month that value this company at 2-3 times its current market cap.

Common sense is all I need to know that this little company is an incredible opportunity and that is why I personally own a ton of stock.

Before the institutions catch onto it as the way to directly play Permian frac sand demand I’d like to share this idea with you…click HEREto get my full report, RISK-FREE.


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