Betting Against NatGas Made This Man A Fortune—In The Last 4 Months


I had a subscriber make my day yesterday…make my year in fact.

He called me to say he was finally covering his bearish natgas trade from March and April—and made $122,614.40 in profits.  He put almost $290,000 into that trade, making it a 42.45% return in just four months.  The annualized return would obviously be 3x that.

That’s what I try to do with my independent research service—use the facts to lay out an investment thesis that I invest in myself—my subscribers know that my money is on the line with every trade.

In this case I was banging the table early this spring to get short natural gas—and I again laid out my bearish thesis for subscribers in detail last week.

Even though we both agreed natgas is going even lower in the coming weeks—and perhaps even months—he thought this was a good time to close out his trade.

And make a whopping $122,614.40.

I just found my next table pounding buy—an oil stock that is growing its cash flow so fast, and is so profitable, that I’m buying more even as I think the oil price may drop this fall.  It’s that good.

And I think there is a real timeliness to this trade…it’s important you look at this stock TODAY.  The first week of August is reporting season for many upstream companies—including this one. I think it will be A Big Catalyst for the stock, so I want you to read my full, updated report on this stock TODAY.

There ARE big capital gains to be had in energy…right now.  You just have to know where to look.  Right now, today, THIS is the place to look.

I want  to make this so simple for you…I’m offering it to you—and a full month’s subscription to the Oil and Gas Investments Bulletin…for FIVE BUCKS.

It doesn’t get any better than that folks…great research that is generating incredible capital gains, for FIVE BUCKS.  Get the name, symbol and report on this stock…before they release their news!  CLICK HERE.

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