This Will Be The Lowest Cost Producer for the Next 76 Years


I want to show you the true lowest cost natural gas producer in North America.

I’m not exaggerating.

I’m not guessing.

The financial statements make it absolutely clear–this company has the best piece of land on the continent.

That isn’t opinion; the hard data tells me that it is so.

I’m going to run through some facts to back this up.

Fact one – this company’s operating cost for producing natural gas is 30 cents.

You read that right.

I said 30 cents.

Find me someone with lower operating costs and I’ll be very, very surprised.

Fact two – this company’s all-in corporate cash costs are under 90 cents/mcf.

What that means is that when you include all expenses, even those not related to production (interest, office, anything)…

That this company can turn a profit with natural gas under 90 cents.

This company’s all-in cash costs are a full dollar lower than its competitors.

That isn’t a Big Deal–it’s a HUGE deal.

Incredible…..costs that are 60% less than a normal company.

Fact three – In the most depressed natural gas pricing environment in recent memory this company will still grow by a whopping 40% this year.

This is the true measuring stick for how good a company’s assets really are.

If you are truly the low cost producer you can do things that seem impossible.

Like growing 40% when natural gas prices have collapsed.

And doing it without compromising your balance sheet.

Fact four – This company has more than 76 years’ worth of drilling of these incredible wells ahead of it.

What makes this possible? One of the key factors is what the industry calls stacked pay.

This company has productive gas zones stacked on top of productive zones–like a multi-level layer cake.

These zones can be tapped into from the same drilling pad–drill once, flow many times.

All of those stacked formations create incredible cost efficiencies.

And the unique asset creates the high flow rates.

Since 2010 production for this company has increased eight fold.

Even this year with natural gas prices decimated the company is still growing by 40%.

Everyone claims to have great assets, but the truly great assets reveal themselves in the numbers.

This is the lowest cost natural gas producer on the continent.

At higher prices it will grow at astounding rates.

At lower prices it still grows faster than most competitors can during the boom times.

And it can do it for years to come. CLICK HERE to learn more.

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