The Most Profitable Word in Energy is….


What is “optionality”?

In investing, it’s having a lot of upside with very little downside.  I would also call that an asymmetrical trade.

At $45-$50 per barrel oil, most producers no optionality.  They can’t grow—or if they can, it’s only by a small amount, like 5-10%.

But I found The Company—with enormous optionality at this oil price.  No other producer that I can find anywhere in the
world (that’s listed in North America…) can grow production like this one at $45-$50 oil.

There’s two reasons for that:

1)    They hit boomer wells—Big Ones; with high flow rates—hundreds of barrels a day
2)    The decline rates on their current wells is low

The downside protection is a balance sheet with no debt and a lot of very profitable production.

The optionality—the Big Growth—is drilling some virgin ground right beside an oil field that has produced 850 million barrels so far.

And it’s happening soon.  Get the name and symbol of this little gem RIGHT HERE.