What are the Fathers of the Shale Revolution Doing Now?


What are the Fathers of the Shale Revolution doing now?

You would be surprised—I sure was.  The main part of the technical team from Mitchell Energy—which combined fracking and horizontal drilling to start The Shale Revolution in Texas’ Barnett Shale in 1998—is now working for a 15 cent junior in Canada.

What are they working on?  It’s a secret project, with a tight deadline—December 15.

They were recruited by a successful energy team, who sold their last company for a gain of 270% in just under two years.

Imagine packing all that experience and success into a 15 cent junior.

Only a handful of insiders know what they’re working on. But on December 16th, the whole world will know.  Find out ahead of the crowd, with my new report.

Keith Schaefer