Are Your Energy Stocks Moving Up Right Now?


Which energy stocks are above their
-50 day moving average
-100 day moving average
-200 day moving average?

The answer–not too many.  But the few that are have one simple connecting thread—they are all the recognized leaders in their field.

But I try to differentiate them even further.  I own a lot of the leaders in oil and gas production, and in the services sector…and if I’m willing to hold them through this downturn, then I am much happier being paid to wait.

This company is now paying me a phenomenal 20% yield on my initial purchase from just a few years ago.

When a company increases its dividend almost every quarter for five years—that’s right, almost every quarter—that says it’s a keeper.

But even that’s not good enough for me.  Stocks have their time in the sun and then they wane.  For me to still hold a stock, it has to show me they still have a compelling value proposition for their customers and shareholders.

And one of them stands out head and shoulders above the rest in that.  One of the easiest ways this management showed they still have it—they were the only company I saw that had MORE revenue in Q1 15 than Q1 2014.

You all know what happened to oil prices.  You all know what happened to oil stocks. You all know what happened to day rates for service companies—they were amputated.

And this company skated through it all.  When is dividend increase #17 coming?  I don’t know, but I’m ready for it.

Imagine what will happen to that dividend—and the stock—when oil turns.  The Leaders always get rewarded first.

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Keith Schaefer


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