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I had a Eureka! moment this week.  My marketing team and several web-savvy friends said I should be “tweeting”, or posting comments to I still don’t understand, but I did find a use for it which all readers should know about. 

When I’m doing my reading and research for stories, whether it’s about the industry in general or specific stocks, I come across lots of fun or unique facts that aren’t worth a full story.  Or even a full blog post.  So what I’m going to do is put them up on twitter.  You’re only allowed to write 140 characters, so I’ll have to keep it brief and relevant.

So I’m going to share some of my short musings at my twitter account – — more often now.  Interesting facts, links to articles with intriguing points of view, teasers of future articles…that’s where I’m going to post a lot of that.

Twitter even has its own lingo.  I am now what’s known as a stocktwit.  My wife could have told them that.