Penn State Study Finds Hydraulic Fracturing Does Not Contaminate Well Water


A new study released by Pennsylvania State University has found that hydraulic fracturing or "fracking" does not contaminate well water. People involved in the study have expressed their concern that further testing is needed to know more definitively whether fracking has an impact on well water, television station WFMJ reports.

Some people are concerned that the fracking process, which involves shooting a mixture of sand, water and chemicals into rock existing far beneath the surface could contaminate drinking water, according to the media outlet. The Penn State study asserts this concern is without basis.

"We looked at 233 water wells before and after drilling of nearby Marcellus gas wells. And in a nutshell what we found was there was no evidence of influences from hydraulic fracturing at least on the wells that we looked at in the time frame that we looked at them," stated study spokesman Bryan Swistock, the media outlet reports.

New regulations on fracking have arisen in many states, and New Jersey lawmakers attempted to outlaw the practice entirely. The process did not succeed as Governor Chris Christie vetoed the proposal, instead imposing a one-year moratorium on the practice.