The Oil Producer With Massive Free Cash Flow – Driven By Low Costs, Premium Pricing and W-I-D-E Profit Margins

This Company Finds Oil For Just $4 Per Barrel --- And sells it at $10 per Barrel More than American Producers

The Result Is The Widest Profit Margins In The Business

In This Report...

When it comes to investing in the commodity sector there is one thing that you must remember.
Low cost wins…….always!
I have identified an oil company that has the lowest cost oil production in the oil and gas business. In 2017 per barrel finding and development (F&D) costs for this company were just $4.00 per barrel.
That $4.00 per barrel F&D cost has been verified by independent engineers. Incredibly in 2016 the company’s F&D costs were even lower!
You can make a lot of money finding and developing oil at $4.00 per barrel and selling it for $75 per barrel. In fact you can make a lot of money finding and developing oil for $4.00 per barrel in every oil price environment.
That is why I believe that this is the only oil producer that every investor should own. This is a company that can generate big cash flows producing oil no matter what the price of the commodity is.

For a limited time I’m making available for free my full report on this oil producer with per barrel profitability that would make OPEC blush.

In my comprehensive report – you will learn the name and ticker of this company, get access to my proprietary research – learn the company background, its operations and management, the financials, and the incredible growth in production and cash flow.

What you will learn from this report is what a truly elite oil producer looks like. Not only industry leading F&D costs of $4.00 per barrel but also:

  • Turning an astounding 60 percent of 2018 operating cash flow into free cash flow that is available for dividends, share repurchases or even faster growth
  • Year on year operating cash flow growth of more than 50 percent
  • A management group that owns 25 percent of the shares of the company thereby validating this tremendous opportunity
  • Everyone knows that the most profitable oil reserves were found 100 years ago. Those reserves were found in Texas, Saudi Arabia and other easy to exploit oil plays around the world. Oil plays that could turn a profit at $10 per barrel oil prices.

    Virtually all of these low cost conventional plays were discovered years ago. But every once in a while a modern oil producer will discover a low cost conventional oil play that slipped through the cracks. An oil play with finding and development costs in the low single digits.

    An oil play that can mint money with modern oil prices.

    The oil producer that I’m pounding the table on today has discovered one of these oil plays. The super-low $4/barrel F&D costs are allowing this company to grow at a rapid pace, generate massive amounts of free cash flow and operate with a pristine balance sheet.

    This company is a throwback to the golden age of oil development.

    The beautiful thing for investors is—because institutional investors have been so focused on the booming Permian Basin—the valuation of this company is still shockingly low. That will change as this free cash flow gushing producer continues to grow.

    That is why I can only make this report available for a short time before I take it off the internet, and reserve it for my paid-up subscribers.

    So if you act now, it's yours to keep…..for free. I think it’s the best oil stock to own right now!

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The success of my service is based on one thing – results.

I’m extremely proud of how I’ve continued to grow my portfolio through every commodity price environment that we have faced since I launched in March 2009. I’m an energy investor who exploits the cycles of this business, not one who suffers from it.

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Keith Shaefer

Keith Schaefer, Publisher

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