To create a 10-bagger stock for your investors, you have to be lucky, and oh-so-patient.

You have to have the right team.  You have to have the right market.  You work hard to put yourself in a position to get lucky–and have your business be thriving at the same time that investors LOVE your sector.

That’s what Bryan Slusarchuk did with K92 Mining–now one of the highest grade, most profitable mining companies in the world. In 2019, after four years of hard slogging, his operational team was firing on all cylinders with new, high-grade discoveries.

So when gold started its move from US$1300 – $2000/oz, the Market bought the stock from 60 cents to $10 in two years. It still trades in the $7-$8 range, three years later.


Bryan has a very similar set-up happening now, this time with copper. This company trades well under 50 cents, and has millions in the treasury.  He has already hit several high-grade holes. 

And the set-up for copper looks very good.  It’s hard to find a bearish chart on copper–inventories are low, demand is forecast to outstrip supply for years–especially as the fast-growing Electric Vehicle (EV) sector keeps booming:



Source: Morgan Stanley

Inventories are close to record lows…


And the above chart shows that new supply is based on hope (mines not yet built), not current reality. 

And higher interest rates will only help delay new supply. Below, the chart from Morgan Stanley shows you how important copper is to Electric Vehicles:


As a result, copper prices are staying high:


Here’s what these charts are telling ME: if you can show the Market a large, high-grade copper deposit, you will get rewarded.

Bryan has the team.  His technical director is one of the most respected geologists in the world, 35 years in the business and a “nose” for discovery.

He has the assets–targets that have already come up with multiple 1%+ copper equivalent grades over tens of meters.

And he has the track record–he has already helped build one company into a billion-dollar market cap producer (CAD$1.7 billion today!).


I’m giving you the name, symbol and details on the team, the assets, and why I think Bryan can repeat the  K92, success right here, in the next few months.

The K92 similarities are UNCANNY.  He and his team bought the Kainantu asset in 2015, when nobody was looking for new plays.  And while COVID flattened sentiment here for the last two years, Bryan bought one of the most prospective, high grade copper plays I’ve ever seen.

K92 was a success because their team had a different view on how to develop that high asset.  They switched focus to an overlooked part of the asset–a neighboring gold vein that had some data but was ignored by the operator–and hit the motherlode quickly.

With copper, everyone wants a huge, low-grade deposit called a “porphyry”–these deposits are the biggest mines in the world today.  If you discover a porphyry, like Filo Mining (FILO-TSXv), this is what happens to your stock:


But at the top of these porphyries is often a MUCH higher grade but smaller body of mineralisation called a “breccia”.  Because they’re usually small, the big mining companies only use them as tools to identify The Big One–the porphyry.

Bryan’s team has found TWO breccia camps that have an incredible chance of being stand-alone, high grade deposits that can supply the world, and make shareholders rich along the way.

Breccia’s are like inverted carrots in the ground–flaring out as they go deeper.  And they can go for a mile deep!

So just like K92, Bryan’s team is looking at these high grade assets a little differently, and have the expertise and the cash to make their big leap THIS YEAR.

Discovery is where The Big Money is made in mining.  It’s not easy, but Bryan has positioned his very cheap copper stock for Big Success.

Be Ready Tomorrow!