Almost all junior stocks are big management bets. Does the team in place have the ability to land that first big deal, first contract with an early adopter to give them traction in the Market?
Stuart Lowther, CEO of Element Nutrition – ELMT-CSE / ELNSF-PINK – just landed that First Big Contract—with the biggest retailer in the world!
Starting TODAY, Element’s Rejuvenate™ ready to drink organic plant protein beverage will be available at all 589 Sam’s Club locations all across the United States.
It’s a CAD$1.7 million order—biggest (so far) in company history. And they are already shipping!
I profiled Element earlier this year after our family started using Rejuvenate. While it has obvious benefit for older people—helping improve muscle health—it was actually our young professional dancer who got us using it regularly.
I asked Lowther how he was able to land the world’s largest retailer (Sam’s Club is part of Walmart (WMT-NYSE).
“I met with a buyer two years ago. Sales don’t happen overnight. The seeds were planted a long time ago and we just cultivated it. The buyer saw what we were doing and I met with him personally. That counts for a lot.
“In the meantime, I kept building out inventory for a big order like this, and for our other customers, like Walgreens (WBA-NASD), as well.
“Things are in more flux than ever because of COVID. Right now there is tons of ‘out of stocks’ because of supply chain issues. We have built up supply during this time just to take advantage of these kinds of situations.
“That meant that Sam’s Club was keen for product and we were talking to them anyways. Knowing we had an opportunity and the inventory, we followed up with the buyer. The buyer asked if we had inventory and how fast we could fulfill? We said yes and he said– ‘we can accelerate this thing’. In a matter of 10 business days we had PO’s in hand and rolling.
“We’re really hopeful this can be a big account for us next year,” Lowther concluded.
Element has been selling on Sam’s Club online platform since July.
Lowther has been on a roll this quarter, landing several new deals. He now has Rejuvenate available at over 400 Loblaw Companies locations across Canada, including Shoppers Drug Mart, Loblaw and Fortinos. All total, Lowther says they are now in 16,500 retail outlets total.
Many of their distribution deals just recently signed, just recently signed, I’m not expecting big things out of their quarterly later this week. And Lowther is not only working on more deals, but more products.
That makes me VERY keen to see the 2022 quarterlies.

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