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The JUUL of Cannabis

Today I’ll tell you why I invested in The JUUL of the cannabis sector. I’ve just made it my largest investment ever into cannabis – and I have little doubt it will be my most profitable.

Some of the smartest money on the planet has invested in this company, and that’s what I follow in this sector – because it’s so new.

Because this young cannabis company has Smart Money behind it, it has almost $20 million cash, and a very tight share structure – most of these pot stocks have well over 100 million shares out. This one has less than HALF that many. That structure can make for explosive share price moves.

As the rest of  the institutional capital find what I believe to be “The JUUL” of the cannabis sector – I think they’ll pile into the company’s shares.

Tomorrow I’ll put this same opportunity in front of you – so pay attention to that e-mail – it identifies this company and everything you need to know about it.

After I let the cat of the bag on this one these shares will never be this cheap again.

I want you to fact check the details of what I’m about to tell you today and tomorrow… so you have my level of conviction on this company.

There would be too much regret to live with if you didn’t.

What Do I Mean By “The JUUL” Of The Cannabis Sector?

Just four years ago – right before cannabis became one of the fastest growing global markets – E-cigarettes had a similar experience, where this product went from niche to mainstream, making millionaires and billionaires for investors in a very short period of time.

Only 40 months ago – on June 1, 2015 PAX Labs introduced the JUUL electronic cigarette. At that point in time the product had zero sales and zero market value.

Only 18 months ago – in July 2017 JUUL was spun out of PAX Labs as an independent company. Until then it was JUUL buried inside of PAX.

Last month Altria paid $12.8 billion for a 35 percent stake in JUUL!!!

Simple math values the entirety of JUUL at $38 billion.

JUUL went from nothing to $38 billion in 40 months – that’s an incredible creation of massive wealth.

How did that happen you ask?

Over a 40 month period JUUL built the dominant e-cigarette brand on the planet.

By dominant I really mean DOMINANT….

CNBC reported at the time the Altria deal was closed that JUUL owned 75 percent of the e-cigarette market.

Back in July Bloomberg had that market share at 70.5% in the chart below.


Over that 40 month period everyone lucky enough to be involved with JUUL has gotten rich.

When the deal with Altria was struck, JUUL announced that it would pay each of its 1,500 employees a bonus of $1.3 million.

In 40 months everyone involved with JUUL made enough money to retire.

Now it is my turn….

This Is Why I’m Certain This Company
Will Be “The JUUL” Of The Cannabis Sector

Now you know why the institutions are searching for “The JUUL” of the cannabis sector.

JUUL made thousands of  people rich in a hurry.

E-cigarettes was a new market that went from nothing to something large very quickly.

The unfolding cannabis market is very similar to that.

Today I’m here to tell you that “The JUUL” of the cannabis sector most certainly exists… and that I’ve found it. And that I own a lot of it!

This newly public company has not found its way onto the screens of analysts and institutions yet – but that will change with the next couple quarterlies. Revenue is increasing very rapidly.

That lack of market attention will change with my e-mail tomorrow which goes out not just to readers like you –but also to much of the analyst community.

What makes me convinced that I have found “The JUUL” of the cannabis sector?

Because the exact same secretive elite investment firm that built JUUL from the ground up are now building this cannabis company.

Literally… the exact same people.

These renowned billionaire investors (who I will reveal by name in my next e-mail) have a track record for building multi-billion dollar companies from the ground up.

These people built India based e-commerce juggernaut Flipkart which was recently sold to Walmart for $16 billion. They were early investors and involved in building Spotify, Glassdoor and other tech businesses as well.

This isn’t a leap of faith investing alongside these people.  They know how to pick early stage winners. There is little doubt this is going to work out well… the only question is how well?

I would gladly turn a good chunk of my money to them to invest with no knowledge of what they were going to invest in.

This secretive billionaire firm has rightfully identified cannabis as the next market to conquer and they have made exactly one cannabis investment… which is why I believe this company will be “The JUUL” of the cannabis space!

They have all of their eggs in this one cannabis basket.

This single little cannabis company is getting all of their attention, all of their knowledge, the benefit from all of the connections they have made through JUUL which is in an almost identical business.

Their involvement with this young cannabis company has generated shocking results already.

This single little cannabis company is getting

  1. a huge chunk of their attention
  2. all of their knowledge
  3. the benefit from all of the connections they have made through JUUL – which is in an almost identical business

This young cannabis company has generated shocking results already:

In the last 24 months – with the involvement of these secretive investors – the company’s brand has moved from being #43 in the Market to #10 – and now #1 – with its lead expanding.

While this company’s market share has soared from 10thto 1stno other competitor has grown its market share at all… which means this company is taking it all!

Nothing short of market domination is the goal – just as JUUL did in the E-cigarette business with a now 75% market share.

These secretive billionaires did not invest here to build a nice little cannabis company. They are in this to build a company that dominates this industry and have it be worth billions of dollars!

These guys aren’t in this to build a nice little cannabis company. They are in this to build a multi-billion dollar company that dominates this industry. (I can hardly think what kind of share price that would mean for this company with less than 35 million shares out and trading under $10!)

Do Not Be Late Opening My E-Mail Tomorrow!!!

I rarely come across the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of what could be a life-changing investment.

This is an opportunity to invest at the ground floor level beside one of the greatest company building investment firms of all-time. To be honest, this almost isn’t a fair fight for the cannabis competition.

There is one more thing that I want you to appreciate.

The opportunity in cannabis is much, much larger than the opportunity in E-cigarettes was.

The E-cigarette market is expected to have total sales of $44 billion by 2023.

Meanwhile the global cannabis market is expected to hit $146 billion shortly thereafter.

JUUL went from nothing to a $38 billion valuation in 40 months in the E-cigarette market.

The same people that built JUUL are now working on building the same type of dominating company in the cannabis business. They clearly bet on the right horse, as this cannabis company now has the largest market share in the largest and most competitive cannabis market in the world… (verified by the Top 2 independent market research firms in cannabis no less!) and they did it in just 18 months.

If anything building this cannabis company will come easier for them given what they just learned building JUUL. These are similar industries and the connections that they have made in marketing, manufacturing and distribution can be leveraged.


I’ve been doing this a long time.

At this point I know when I’ve found a great investment idea.

And I really know when I’ve found an idea that my readership is going to love.

Tomorrow I’m telling you – and all of my massive list of e-mail readers which includes many analysts – all about “The JUUL” of the cannabis sector.

My first cannabis investment, Canopy Rivers, is up 50% in 5 weeks. I bought into that stock because it was Smart Money – the public merchant bank of Canopy Growth CEO Bruce Litton. They have the best deal flow and the deepest pockets. No-brainer!

But I have a much larger position in this company – the investors behind this company are that exciting.

You do not want to be late opening my e-mail to learn the following:

  1. The name and ticker of this company
  2. The details of this company’s already market leading brand
  3. The incredible company building track record of the power players behind this business
  4. Everything about the company’s current financial position

I feel lucky to be able to introduce you to this great company at this early stage. I am long, but you can fact check everything I tell you very easily.

Be ready to hear from me tomorrow!

Keith Schaefer

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