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My Best Investment Idea for 2019–Yours for FREE

I’m about to do something that – at first – might not make sense.

Tomorrow I am going to give my best investment idea for the next 6-12 months to the entire world – with no strings attached.

Just open the e-mail I send you tomorrow and you will have my absolute best stock idea.

It’s the one stock that I want to own for the next week, the next month and the next two years – likely more.

There is very much a method to my madness – and I expect to be a Big Winner because of it.

Let me back up – in March 2009 I launched my Oil and Gas Investments Bulletin.

The timing could not have been better – March 2009 was literally the best time in history to be launching an energy focused newsletter.

The timing was also no accident.  I knew March 2009 was GO time.

When I rolled out the OGIB newsletter I did so by giving the first few picks away for free.

Because of that great timing – and some good stock sleuthing – my free picks were all homeruns – and so were the first few subscriber-only picks.

I had doubles and triples every few months.

When those free picks did so well – my paid subscriber count went through the roof.

In no time at all I had 2,000 paying subscribers and the Oil and Gas Investments Bulletin was off to the races.

My recipe for success was simple.

Give investors a grand slam homerun investment idea for free – and it will do wonders for growing a new investment newsletter service.

This New Stock
Is What My New Newsletter Is All About

Ten years later – right now – I’m launching a new investment newsletter service called The Investing Whisperer.

The Investing Whisperer is focused on finding small-to-mid-cap growth stocks with strong growth potential.

Giving away My Favourite Pick to my free-alert e-mail list – that numbers in the tens of thousands – is the single best way to get The Investing Whisperer off to a flying start.

Again, the timing is no accident.

I know that the stock that I’ll share with the world tomorrow is… The One.

It is:

  • unique
  • delivering a win-win-win for customers, industry and shareholders
  • profitable (already!)
  • growing its business volumes at almost 100% this year

Yes, it’s GO time again.

When this company grows its business volume nearly 100% this year, it will give me a VERY powerful marketing tool to grow my service.

How this stock performs from here is therefore crucially important to me.  I want a multi-bagger that happens quickly.

That’s why I’m going with my very best stock idea. It’s a company I’ve followed for years, and I even flew down to their US head office to interview every single person on their management team for an hour each  the CEO, the CFO, the VP Strategy, founders… everybody.

They have a unique business model that makes it difficult for its competitors to compete.

As soon as I got back to my hotel after that day of meetings I bought $75,000 worth of stock. Later, I bought another $125,000.  So I’ve put my money where my mouth is – I’m a believer.

This company was an idea that came to me from one of my Top Contacts in my network….

No, not one of my contacts – THE Top Contact in my network.  As context, this very savvy and connected investor introduced me to a very illiquid junior stock called Canadian Energy Services… symbol CEU TSX – back in 2010.

All this company did in the next 5 years was forward split 9 for 1 and go from $1.25 to $11.

CEU was a story built on Free Cash Flow, and a talented management team that owned a lot of stock and were aligned with shareholders.

The pick that I’m going to reveal to you tomorrow is very, very, similar.  It is from the same source, but in a different sector.  I think the stock trajectory will be the same.

Their Biggest Sales Force is… Their Customers!

InvestingWhisperer has been live for a few months, but I’ve waited to give you The Big Pitch – until I had a stock that could deliver what I wanted.  And then I decided to give it to you for free.

For me to get this excited, I needed a powerful growth stock – and this company has that.  I expect this company to have increased its revenue by nearly 400% from $6.35 million in 2016 to a projected $25 million in 2019.

As the company gets bigger, growth is actually speeding up.  And I’ll tell you why – their growth is happening via word-of-mouth referrals from existing customers.

What does that tell you?

To me it says that the company has a very valuable solution for its customer base.

The referrals happen because the customers love what this company provides.

This 400% growth in the last three years has been achieved with minimal spending on sales.  I can’t wait to see how much faster this company can grow once it ramps up its sales budget.

When you have a business with…

  1. a near 100 percent customer retention rate and
  2. almost 100% growth driven primarily by word-of-mouth referrals…

You are clearly onto something.

That’s why they picked up two recent senior execs from within their industry.

These two gents were key cogs that took their NASD-listed company from $2 per share to $46 per share over a few years and eventually sold to private equity.

That would be a 23-bagger folks!!

A $10,000 investment at $2 per share would have been cashed out at $46 per share for $230,000.

Oh wait – that doesn’t fully cover it.  That company also paid $7 per share in dividends over that time as well.

That means that investors received a 23-bagger on the buyout and were paid out another 3.5 times their initial investment in dividends!

These guys have the perfect backgrounds – and are paying immediate dividends (pardon the pun) to my Best Stock Idea.

High Growth, Big Moat, Low Valuation

I’m a growth investor.

When a company nearly doubles its volume of services provided every year I don’t expect it to look cheap on a fundamental basis.

Yet somehow this company does.  And it’s already profitable!!  This fast growing company has greater than a 70% gross profit margin. This high margin has supported the growth.

When you have satisfied customers acting as your sales force it really reduces your spending requirements.

It’s profitable, generating cash, growing at a very high double digit rate – and trades for 5.5 times trailing EBITDA. I would expect to pay double or triple that.

I understand why the company is inefficiently priced.

It is the product of three things:
1 – A microcap (I’m expecting roughly US$25 million revenue this year) with zero analyst coverage

2 – U.S. based operations with a Canadian stock market listing

3 – There are few shares out, and management owns 50% of the stock.
NOBODY is looking at this stock right now.  Except me.  Tomorrow you will be too.

As will the other 50,000 people on my e-mail list.

And anyone else I can tell – because this is the stock that is going to take The Investing Whisperer to the next level.


Do Not Miss My E-Mail Tomorrow!!!

I’m using this stock to launch The Investing Whisperer.

Tomorrow I have to tell the world about the most important stock pick that I’ve made in the last five years.

I’m completely sold that this is the stock for that crucial job.

I’ll explain:

1. The unique business model that creates a powerful moat–it’s difficult to enter this business because of so many moving parts that my Big Pick has managed

2. Why this company is growing so fast

3. Details on the new management additions that are improving cash flow

4. The win-win-win scenario this company creates for customers, employees and industry
One last point… this company is focused on prividing the highest quality service, being a best-of-breed service.  I like that; I think it’s important.

I only have one worry with this company – the share structure is so tight.

There are just over 30 million shares out, and management owns half of them.  I’ve never sent out A Big Stock Idea with such a small float.

So I’m not sure exactly what is going to happen.

I worry that this stock could have a huge run as I introduce it to so many investors today.

But tomorrow will just be the tip of the iceberg – this is a stock to hold for the next two years.  The sales force – satisfied customers – is growing fast.

Companies that are growing this fast – you have to let them run.

Especially when they are this cheap and have a some top management additions bringing another level of expertise to the story.

Tomorrow I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about this company. I’ve been waiting for an exciting small-cap growth stock exactly like this one.

Tomorrow you’ll get excited too…

Regards, Keith

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