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The Phone Call That Made Me $200,000

Early last year, one 10 minute phone call made me $200,000.

And the person on the other end of the line was solely instrumental for making me that significant profit.

I knew I could rely on my good friend for outside the box thinking.  He had experience in doing what I do, and he helped me realize the investment decision that was right for me.  Without his carefully thought out ideas and uncanny instinct, I would be $200,000 poorer today.

I’ve known this guy for over a decade and shared the stage and investment ideas with him many times over.

I’ve seen him make large sums of money for anyone that listened closely to him.

I don’t stick my neck out for many people in this sector, but there are a few people that are the cream of the crop.

One of them is my good friend Marin Katusa, editor of Katusa Research.

Marin is one of the most well-connected dealmakers and money managers in the energy and resource exploration sector.

He’s a math genius with a deep network of trusted sources, who can quickly break opportunities to their bare numbers.

But it’s Marin’s ‘street smarts’ that separate him from the other analysts.

For example, many years ago we were on a site visit together.  As the management were showing off their new oil project and pitching the various analysts on site how much oil was being produced and how much oil was on site, Marin walked away from the group, walked up to the “full” oil tanks, knocked on the side of the big drum and we all heard the hollow echo and you could hear Marin yell out, “these are empty”.

Management scrambled to “adjust” their pitch, but it was incredibly amusing watching Marin walk by each oil tank, knock on hard and hear him yell out “this one is empty too”.

Over the last decade I have watched Marin become a resource industry leader by funding some of the biggest success stories in the sector.

He is an original thinker who does thorough due diligence and only backs the best management teams in the business. Because of this, he has developed a stellar rolodex.

And any time I get to put my money alongside Marin’s–at the same price as him–I’m doing it. That’s close to a “gimme” as you’re going to get in the very volatile, and very profitable resource market.

If you don’t know Marin, here’s something important to understand:  I have great respect for all my newsletter editor colleagues, but Marin’s publication is the only one I actually paid for – for a Lifetime Subscription.

Because he’s only 39. And he’s smart.

Not only is he very smart, he’s a good negotiator. For example, when he goes to talk to management about a financing, he doesn’t get a good deal. He gets a great deal.

I don’t know a lot about gold and precious metals anymore, but I do know a lot about Marin. And for my limited metals exposure, I’m happy to make it with him.

And now, Marin is about to make his next big investment (to the tune of over $5 million)… in an $80 billion industry that has not changed in 100 years (meaning it is absolutely ripe for a disruption).

It’s about a brand new way to make money in a unique type of Royalty Company. And this isn’t a company you’ll find on any stock screen, no matter how hard you look.

When I first read about this company in his newsletter, Katusa’s Resource Opportunities, I couldn’t believe something like this hadn’t existed before. If he is right, it will provide early investors like us with incredible returns.

And because of my close connection to him, he’s allowing my subscribers access to this opportunity NOW before he brings it to the attention of large fund managers (a.k.a. the smart money).

I’ve read his reports and analysis. This investment has huge upside… and limited downside.

Marin and an exclusive group of investors who follow his work have scored over 30 triple and quadruple digit winners over the past 13 years.

For example, he made a 4,160% gain in Prophecy Resources… a 2,440% gain in Lithium One… and a 1,050% gain in Copper Mountain Mining.

Marin has a knack for getting to Big Resource Stories before anyone else. That’s why I always pay attention to what he’s doing. Right now, he’s pounding the table on something he calls “Independence Day Royalties.”

I’ve reviewed what Marin is doing. And I’ve got to tell you that I think this is one of his best ideas ever.

This is your chance to invest alongside the best people in the industry…with massive upside and limited downside. That’s how Marin structures his investments.

But if you’re interested, I encourage you to act very soon. This opportunity and special offer is only available until Saturday July 1st at Midnight Pacific Time.

You can learn all the details right here in Marin’s new presentation.

Keith Schaefer

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