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How to Become an Energy Expert in ONE Day

Last year’s Toronto show was the single best event we have ever done.  Great speakers made it, and the line up of companies was stellar–most of them created huge capital gains for shareholders.

This year, the agenda is firming up.  Attendance is ramping up. Energy companies presenting are:

Lilis Energy                               LLEX-OTCBB
Ikkuma Resource Corp.       IKM-TSXv
BioAmber                                  BIOA-NYSE
TrackX                                        TKX-TSXv
Renaissance Oil                      ROE-TSXv
Pentanova                                 PMI-TSXv
Polaris Infrastructure
Corporately, I expect four of those five to have break-out years.  Lilis and Renaissance will have their first well results out on their newest and best properties—Lilis next month and ROE in Q3.  Any success and both those stocks should get re-rated higher.

I expect TrackX to have MAJOR revenue growth in both the next two years; it has the potential to become a small cap tech market darling.

BioAmber makes organic petrochemicals in its Sarnia facility.  This year it will

  1. fill its first plant in North America,
  2. seal its Korean JV and get that facility in China up retro-fitted for big production
  3. announce the partners and working interests in North American Plant #2
  4. potentially announce a second JV

Ikkuma will keep doing what it did last year—producing the absolute fastest payback in North America on its conventional natgas wells in the Alberta foothills.  And as soon as they can show the Market this new oil play works as they hope—that stock gets re-rated higher as well.

One of our other guests is Gene McBurney, founder of Griffiths McBurney and GMP Capital.

Gene McBurney is a living legend of Canada’s investment industry. The GMP Capital co-founder has helped raise tens of billions of dollars to fund resource projects worldwide, and advised nearly every famous mining and energy CEO of the past 30 years. His stories are equally legendary.

In a live interview, he’s going to cover:

  1. His biggest lessons learned in resource investing
  2. What to look for in early-stage companies
  3. What makes a great CEO: the personalities
  4. How the brokerage industry can get better

As you can see, we have an AMAZING line-up of companies and speakers.  I want to see you there!

One of the highlight presentations will be from Serafino Iacono, Chairman of Pentanova.  This is a NEW company, headed up and backed by the founders of Pacific Rubiales.  Rubiales was the very first OGIB stock pick in 2009, at $7, and it went to $36 within two years.  It was the single best growth story of the junior-intermediate oil space.

Serafino is now back with his new venture, which is also focused on South America.

Come meet Serafino, and hear from Ron Ormand of Lilis Energy talk about their first set of results, which will be public by then.

It’s less than a month away–put this link into your browser and sign up now.

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