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This is How You Make the MOST Money in Commodities

Meet the CEO’s—Connect with Success
October 11th, 2016 in Vancouver
This is your personal invitation while seating is available.

Pan Pacific Hotel – Downtown Vancouver – 999 Canada Place
Tuesday, October 11th, 2016 | 9 AM – 4 PM
Cocktail Reception to follow at the close

Connect with Success. Register today. Click here NOW. 



Commodity markets SOARED from January to June 2016.  That has allowed the best junior teams in mining and energy to finance and get drilling.

News flow and new discoveries will start happening just in time for our October 11th conference.

We hand pick the teams we believe have the best chance of making a discovery—which create multi-bagger wins.

But don’t just take our word for it—come meet them yourself.  Meet the CEO’s of more than a dozen hand-picked junior energy and junior mining companies —chosen by 3 of Canada’s best newsletter editors:

In energy, natural gas is making a bullish move up in price as US production flattens—but demand keeps increasing.  Hear Keith’s top picks for the next year—from smart, safe ways to play this market to some high impact drill punts.

This is the sixth year hosting our Vancouver conference, which sells out every year. Our audience consists of well-informed retail investors, along with select brokers and fund managers.

That makes it a valuable networking day for our entire audience. 

The secret to our events is the selection process.  We don’t take the first fifteen companies that put up their hands.  We invite them.

That’s why in February in Toronto you heard from:

Painted Pony (PPY-TSX)–the fastest growing junior/intermediate natural gas producer in Canada.  The stock was trading at $3.60.  They are executing their plan perfectly, and even though Canadian natgas prices plummeted, their stock more than doubled to $8.40.

Crius Energy Trust (KWH.UN-TSX)–a debt free energy retailer operating in the US. They are rapidly growing to 1 million customers, and have increased their dividend THREE TIMES in 2016.  No other energy company on earth has done that.

NexGen (NXE-TSXv)–this uranium explorer has moved–and fast–from 90 cents to $2.85 since presenting at the Toronto Subscriber Summit with continued good drill results.

Goldrock Mines (GRM-TSXv) – highlighted their development level Lindero project at our March Subscriber Summit when it traded at 40 cents– a favorite of both Eric and Tommy.  THREE MONTHS later Fortuna made a takeover offer. The takeover closed in July at a price of $1.48!v)

SilverCrest Metals (SIL-TSXv) – Eric’s “no brainer” that presented at the October 2015 and March 2016 Subscriber Summit’s at 15 cents and 30 cents.  This company now trades above $3.00.

Independence Gold (IGO-TSXv) – Presented at the October 2015 SIS after making a new discovery in the Yukon while trading at 7 cents.  IGO now trades just below 50 cents.

The point is–at the Subscriber Investment Summit you hear focused presentations by a curated list of selected companies.  You can then get up close and personal with management in the convivial atmosphere for which SIS is famous.  In a bull market, it doesn’t get better than that.

As we head into the fall in a strengthening bull market – the opportunities and profits that you potentially could be exposed to are phenomenal. DON’T MISS OUT!

This year’s Vancouver conference is Tuesday, October 11th at the Pan Pacific Hotel, right down at Canada Place. Click here to register today!


We have an incredible line up of CEO’s attending already.

First off, Painted Pony CEO Pat Ward from Calgary and Crius Energy CEO Michael Fallquist from Stanford Conneticut will be there.

You have many reasons to speak with Tamarack Valley (TVE-TSX; TNEYF-PINK) CEO, Brian Schmidt. You probably want to ask him how he gets such top performing wells out of Alberta’s giant Cardium play.  What does he do different?  How does he get such fast payback on wells with such a high percentage of natural gas?  Brian has been very active at CAPP—the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers—for years.  He is very well connected, incredibly knowledgeable and willing to share.   He’s also one of the most disciplined operators in the patch.

My #1 junior SMARTGRID stock will also be presenting–TrackX (TKX-TSXv) is the Holy Grail of asset tracking and inventory management.  It has delivered on the promise of RFID—Radio Frequency Identification.  It can track almost anything, anywhere, in real time, and integrate that into a company’s operating system software (ERP).   Their proprietary AssetTrack technology creates more savings for companies—in labour, in inventory tracking, in capital and operating costs, and through reduced loss and theft—than anything I have ever seen in my 51 years.  They have high installation margins and a lucrative recurring revenue stream—and orders come in over the phone or directly through their website.  This is a “pull” technology and I’m confident it will make TrackX one of the fastest growing junior companies on the TSX for the next three years.  Meet CEO Tim Harvie in person to find out how big the backlog is, who his Fortune 500 clients are, and how much due diligence they did before choosing TrackX.

We keep the presentations brief, and the one-on-one time long—at the coffee breaks and during lunch so you can ask them questions directly, face-to-face.

You get to ask them anything you want; in person—and get a sense of them as people.  Being around winners helps you find winners.

AND–wait until you find out who our keynote energy speaker is from Calgary.  The man is a legend in the Canadian energy patch.  He is a Rainmaker, and we are very lucky to get his insights in person.  I’ll tell you all about him in just over a week.

This year’s Subscriber Investment Summit is going to be the best one yet. Join Us and Connect with Success:
Pan Pacific Hotel – Downtown Vancouver – 999 Canada Place
Tuesday, October 11th, 2016 | 9 AM – 4 PM
Cocktail Reception to follow at the close

Connect with Success. Register today. Click here NOW.

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