What to Buy If Oil Has Bottomed


I’m saying farewell to numerous companies that have been in oil price fantasy land and refuse to adapt to the new paradigm.

For too long, many of them have been:

  • Accumulating copious amounts of debt
  • Drilling prospects that are not justifiable at current sub $55 oil or even sub $75 oil
  • Relying on easy equity markets to get them through

I mean, production and reserves may be able to be bought (a lot) cheaper than drilling right now. The bigger firms with large cash positions are salivating at this prospect.

And I know who these companies are.

Maybe through blind luck, or tact, I called the top for oil and went to cash back in late summer of 2014—and kept cashing in. I was hoping for an opportunity to buy the best of the best stocks at fire sale prices.

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” – Seneca

Fortunately, I got my wish. I made good money in 2014 while oil and energy stocks got hammered. You can even see my whole track record for yourself.

And now I have just begun deploying my capital.

These are the stocks that move first, and move the most.  That’s where I want to be with my investments. To learn what they are–Click Here.