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Tropical Storm Don expected to miss oil and gas operations in the Gulf

The fourth named tropical storm of the season is expected to miss most oil and gas operations in the Gulf of Mexico.

Reuters reports that Tropical Storm Don's current northwest path would allow it to avoid most of the major productions platforms to New Orleans' south, but it may be near a number of coastal refineries.

According to the news source a number of industry operators such as Shell Oil Co. and Anadarko Petroleum Corp. have begun to evacuate workers platforms but have not begun any steps towards shutting down production.

Travis Hartman, Energy Weather manager and meteorologist, told the Oil & Gas Financial Journal that projections show Don missing most of the oil and gas production areas.

"While there may be some disagreement among the various model solutions we use, current expectations are that Don will remain south of the producing region in the Gulf, thanks to the strong ridge over the southern US," he said. "Ultimately, Don will bring welcomed rain to some of the drought stricken areas in Mexico and Texas while also creating some additional chatter in the markets as it is the first relevant system of the season."

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