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Second Issue Coming; Ain’t No Cure for the Summertime Blues

I have been busy writing my second issue, which tells subscribers of two recent stocks I’ve bought.




I hope to have it ready for Tuesday of next week.  Last month’s stock profile is up 15% to date. The stock purchase sent out via interim bulletin to subscribers last week is up over 20%.



I’m on summer holidays this week and next, taking my children to the family farm where I grew up in southern Ontario.  It’s good for them to see how big the sky can be, and how food gets to your table. So far we have visited a friend’s dairy farm and a local butcher’s freezer.



So you won’t see a lot of new stories until I get back the last week of July.


One topic that keeps coming back to me that I’m going to explore more is IP rates, or initial production rates.  There is no standard for reporting these anywhere, and they can vary widely.



Exxon Mobil and Imperial Oil just had a public disagreement about the IP rates on some of their wells in the Horn River Basin of northeast B.C.



And with the new high production rates being touted by the shale gas players, that are several deviations past normal for North American gas wells, it’s a valid question.



More on that in a couple weeks.  In the meantime, check your portfolio and join our growing subscriber list.  Our $300 annual fee has already paid for itself several times over for those who purchased our first two stock picks since our initial issue.

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